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AlmaU received the prestigious accreditation!

Great news! Almaty Management University received an accreditation of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) on the bachelor degree program "Accounting and Audit". ACCA is recognized in the world as the most authoritative qualification accreditation, which grants the right to graduates of the Accounting and Audit program to find a job in the international audit and accounting companies including the Big Four company (not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also in EU countries and Great Britain).

Almaty stands on 38 place on creativity in the world …

Do not ask what you can give to the city, ask what the city can give to you… According to some participants of the V Innovative forum "Almaty — the City, Comfortable for Life and Business" which was held on July 7 in Almaty, present time qualitatively differs from a former era in the fact that the labor power (and especially its most creative part) became much more mobile. Moreover, if it can not be realized in a particular city or country, it is called "voting with their feet."

Design thinking: a world trend in education

On June 27-28 in Almaty Management University was held the seminar on design thinking. About the new trend in the field of education, participants of a seminar are teachers, representatives of the companies – have learned from the international expert in the field of design of thinking - Katy Kavanaugh (Stanford University, the USA).

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