Social entrepreneurship


Purpose of the laboratory:
To create on the basis of social entrepreneurship laboratory the "supporting ecosystem" for social activities, including consulting, educational, scientific and methodical researches to support, promote and estimate practical implementation of social entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan.


1. Identification of the main functioning problems of social entrepreneurship and estimation of the social entrepreneurship current practice in Almaty city with a view to make recommendations for further development: creation of the social entrepreneurship theoretical foundation and formation of organization databases, working in the field of social entrepreneurship in Almaty city and then in all regions of Kazakhstan.
2. Creation of the platform  on the basis of Almaty Management University – scientific hub for discussion and resolution of social entrepreneurship issues in Kazakhstan with the participation of government agencies, research and production associations, international organizations, social enterprises (round tables, brainstorming, competitions to determine the best form of ownership for social entrepreneurship and for development of the concept in general).
Despite the fact, that Kazakhstan develops infrastructure to support small and medium-sized businesses, specificity of the social entrepreneurship support requires a special approach.  In this regard, support for social entrepreneurship should be implemented in such areas as:
•      Social innovation stimulations;
•      Creation of favorable conditions for the development of social initiatives;
•      Recognition and motivation of successful social initiatives;
•      Assistance in the dissemination and development of successful social initiatives;
•      Dissemination of information on the social entrepreneurship effectiveness.

Thus, the social entrepreneurship support includes, primarily, information supporting, creation of infrastructure for social entrepreneurship development, and assistance in the development of successful projects for social entrepreneurship.