Accreditations and rankings


Non-commercial educational institution “International Academy of Business” (IAB) (now Almaty Management University (ALMA University)) operates based on a licence of Kazakh Education and Science Ministry (ESM). In 2012 following the results of Kazakh Education and Science Ministry’s review board  IAB (now ALMA University) was certified for 5 years. The lifetime statutory license АА 0000165 dated 2 February 2002 year.



Almaty Management University ranked third among the business schools of Central Asia according to the Eduniversal version.



Certificate of accreditation as a subject of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activity (Please see)



The Certificate of Conformity of the Quality Management System of EI Almaty Management University to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008. (Please see)



The Independent Kazakh Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA) ranking

Almaty Management University took the 2nd place in the national ranking  of the best humanitarian and economic universities of Kazakhstan




Ranking  of global business schools in Russia and CIS countries

Almaty Management University took:

• the 2nd place among business schools implementing double diploma programmes with foreign universities, which have "first level" accreditation

• the 4-5 place among business schools, in terms of the number of partnerships with foreign universities that have "first level" accreditation



Lifetime statutory license АБ 0137321



2 place among private universities in the institutional ranking of the Republican rating agency (the 13th place in the general rating)





Almaty Management University has successfully passed re-accreditation by AMBA -  Association of MBA's, UK, London for the maximum period - 5 years. АМВА is one of the most prestigious accreditations in world business education,

Programmes of GSB-AlmaU are the only AMBA_accredited and re-accredited in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. In the CIS region, apart from AlmaU, only 8 Russian business schools have AMBA for 5 years.




Accreditation by Association of Chartered Certifed Accountants (ACCA) of Accounting and Audit Bachelor level programme is the world's most recognized qualification accredtitation that is aimed at providing professional development in the area of finance.

Information about rating results of IAAR 2016

Rating about educational programs of bachelor

  • Logistics – Position 1.
  • Restaurant and Hotel Business – Position 2.
  • Marketing – Position 4.


Information about rating results of IQAA-2016




Information about rating results of IAAR 2015


Rating about educational programs of bachelor

  • People connections – Position 2.
  • GandHB – Position 3.
  • Regional Studies – Position 4.
  • Management – Position 4
  • Marketing – Position 5.


Social sciences, business and economics – Position 4.



Information about rating results of IQAA-2015

National rating of the best humanitarian and economic institutions of Kazakhstan, 
Almaty Management University took 5th place


Rating of specialities by directions «Social sciences, business and economics»,

  • Speciality «MANAGEMENT» graduate – Position 1.
  • Speciality «MARKETING» undergraduate – Position 2.
  • Speciality «MANAGEMENT» undergraduate Position 3.
  • Speciality «FINANCE» undergraduate Position 3.
  • Speciality «ACCOUNTING AND AUDIT» undergraduate Position 4.



Certificate of Institutional accreditation #14008551 Dated June 11, 2014


International accreditations - AMBA (Association of MBA's, UK) MBA AlmaU were awarded one of the most prestigious international accreditations - AMBA (International accreditation AMBA (Association of MBA's, UK)


Obtained Eduniversal rating’s fourth Palme, making it into the top 300 business schools of the world. In 2008 to 2011 IAB was recognised the #1 school of business in Kazakhstan by the global rating agency Eduniversal with three Palmes.


Kazakhstan’s best employer among domestic recruiters “Senim-2011”


Awarded CEEMAN European institutional accreditation in quality of business education
People’s quality mark “Impeccable” by Kazakhstan’s National League of Consumers.