Development Center of the Business Kazakh language


Development Center of the Business Kazakh language deals with improving the educational process, scientific and practical work as well as conducting tests among the staff to identify the personnel's (teacher's and colleagues) knowledge of state language. The Center also organizes various activities in the official language for the creation of the language environment, aimed at the development and education of employees' understanding the importance of studying the state language. 

After signing the memorandum in May 16, 2014 with the National Testing  Centre, our Center arranges diagnostic testing and testing for getting certification according to "KAZTEST" system in Almaty. The Center cooperates with all structural units of NIU «ALMU» for translation from Russian into Kazakh or from Kazakh into Russian. 

The center organizes and conducts the courses for learning  Kazakh language. It offers a wide range of programs to levels consistent with the interests of our students.

The project "Ulytau"

Since 2010, our university conducts cultural and linguistic camp "Ulytau". This is a project for the study of the Kazakh language  and diving into the language and cultural environment.

284 people took part in the project from 2010 to 2014. Among them were the leaders and experts of national companies, students  and ordinary people who wished to study the Kazakh language. 

Our linguistic camp makes it possible to acquire a good vocabulary for everyday communication within 10 days, overcome the "language barrier", to join the culture and traditions of the Kazakh people.


This academic year it is planned to organize and hold a competition among students "Kazakh Russian karaoke". The debate "K-club started working under the Center.             

The Center conducts the day of the Kazakh language "Today we speak only the Kazakh language!"