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September 23 , 2016
MBA Programmes at GSB-AlmaU are the only programmes in the Central Asia and Kazakhstan that have been re-accredited by AMBA for the maximum period of 5 years.
September 20 , 2016
AlmaU was granted with 2 additional places for exchange students willing to study at PolyU in Spring 2017.
September 05 , 2016
Students from countries like France, Austria or Korea participated in variety of activities, aiming to help them to settle smoothly in Almaty, and introduce them to student life, and University's educational offer.
August 11 , 2016
Great news! Almaty Management University received an accreditation of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) on the bachelor degree program "Accounting and Audit".
July 12 , 2016
AlmaU offers TWENTY scholarships to study in Almaty Management University!
July 08 , 2016
Do not ask what you can give to the city, ask what the city can give to you… According to some participants of the V Innovative forum "Almaty — the City, Comfortable for Life and Business" which was held on July 7 in Almaty, present time qualitatively differs from a former era in the fact that the labor power (and especially its most creative part) became much more mobile. Moreover, if it can not be realized in a particular city or country, it is called "voting with their feet."
June 30 , 2016
On June 27-28 in Almaty Management University was held the seminar on design thinking. About the new trend in the field of education, participants of a seminar are teachers, representatives of the companies – have learned from the international expert in the field of design of thinking - Katy Kavanaugh (Stanford University, the USA).
May 25 , 2016
On May 4, 2016 the ceremony of signing of the agreement between Almaty Management University and the American company TURNITIN took place. The software package TURNITIN is a world leader in the fight against plagiarism.
May 24 , 2016
On May 16, 2016 the student's organization AMG (Art Multimedia Group) in association with Centre of career planning and work with graduates of Almaty Management University organized for 1, 2, and 3 year students the Open Day in the international auditor company Ernst&Young.
May 11 , 2016
From 11 to 18 of May 2016 in Almaty Management University will be held «Action Research» modular training program ("Research in Action"). Program participants are teachers of Almaty universities.