Career Planning Center

The Career Planning Center of the International Academy of Business assists students and graduates of the Academy in career planning and development, as well as in building and maintenance of relationships both between graduates and the Academy and between each other.

Activities of the Career Center include:

  • Arrangement and conduct of special trainings, seminars and master classes regarding successful career building for students and graduates;
  • Training and assistance in drawing up curriculum vitae, covering letters and letters of gratitude;
  • Working with students of the Academy with regard to informing, professional orientation and career planning;
  • Assistance to students and graduates of the Academy in implementation of their career plans;
  • Studies on employment of graduates and their career advancement;
  • Labour market monitoring;
  • Organization of activities related to the provision of secondary employment of students;
  • Assistance to students in the search for professionally oriented training places;
  • Assistance to students and attendees in change of employment and professional reorientation;
  • Arrangement and implementation of measures for employment of students and graduates:

          o    Employment fairs;

          o    presentations of employing companies;

          o    guest lectures, etc.;

  • Survey by employers in order to determine level of training of graduates;
  • Conduct of negotiation with employers, entry into partnership agreements, agreements for traineeship and employment;
  • Updating and maintenance of the database of employers;
  • Assistance to employers in the search for talented and highly skilled employees among students, attendees and graduates of the Academy;
  • Establishment of the Alumni Association of the IAB, updating and creation of database of the Association.

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The Career Planning Center is open for collaboration and is always happy to answer your questions: please, call on +7 (727) 302 21 19, contact us by, or you are welcomed to come, we are in the IAB building, room No.204.