[Class time] A guard from suicide


We have already written much about the problems of youth and daunting suicide statistics. Young people commit suicide in the prime of their lives for various reasons. And while politicians, educators and public officials, psychologists and doctors share their opinions on the problem of suicide, statistics remain deplorable. Very few people have strength and advanced aptitude not to make statements but to stay close where they are most needed. They talk to young people, listen to them attentively, agree and argue with them, make them open their heart and mind saving them from cunning death.

Thus, we decided to talk today to such a person, who is a practical person, not a theoretical one. Vasily SHAKHGULARI (Vasily Shakhgulari is a UNESCO expert, PhD, associate professor, author of over 60 scientific works, monographs and textbooks. He started his career as a teacher of mathematics, later became the head of a teaching department, the principal at school. He often receives letters from his former pupils whose children are already grown up and go to school.) has dedicated his whole life to work with the youth. He has offered free psychological consultations for over 20 years and believes that helping, directing and protecting young people are his mission and duty. http://rus.classtime.kz/node/824