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The Service Learning concept aims at cultivating a sense of social responsibility and interest in civic engagement among students.
“To be called an individual, it is not enough to love only yourself and your family, you need to love the entire humanity”.
These words were said by the Kazakh educator Magzhan Zhumabayev 100 years ago and are more than true today.

Almaty Management University (AlmaU) was the first university in Kazakhstan to introduce a new Service Learning (SL) discipline
in 2015. This program allows the younger generation to join the service of society, people, giving help to those in need.
Service Learning is a unique example of fulfillment of the Third Mission by Kazakhstani universities


AlmaU develops its educational environment that nurtures social impact and civic engagement aiming to integrate them into academic and extra-curriculum activity, programs and corporate culture accordingly.

The university strives for holistic education that perform professional competencies and skills, as well as sustainable mindset and social responsibility for learners.

In Fall Semester of 2015, AlmaU, first time in Kazakhstan, launched the new and original educational program oriented for first-year bachelor students compulsory for all specialties and majors – SL. This chapter discuss in greater detail SL educational program of AlmaU. The major goal of SL educational program is to achieve greater efficiency serving the community through additional mobilization of efforts, increasing the scale and degree of students engagement, going “beyond the walls” of the University.

School of Politics and Law of AlmaU, standing for the realization of the Third Mission, provides the SL educational program to train and educate AlmaU students to design and implement impactful, community-oriented projects. In partnership with civic society, representatives of NGOs and government authorities, SL program seeks to promote training in the field of community services and prepare students to become professionals and responsible citizens of the country. During their studies, students get through the main concepts and definitions of Sustainable Development Goals encouraged by UN, human rights and inclusiveness. Currently, SL educational program has more than 30 partners, 150 realized impactful projects, more than 50 thousands hours of project work. In 2017, SL educational program was awarded CEEMAN Champions Awards in nomination “The Responsible Management Education”.

At the university, students learn basic concepts and definitions of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, human rights, inclusivity, and democratic values and take part in dedicated projects. What’s more, they learn how to give to others who need care and support, solving their problems while spiritually purifying themselves and altering their own worldview. Only if we plant such seeds in the minds of the younger generation, we can expect that our descendants will benefit from spirituality and live in a prosperous and healthy society in the truest sense of the word. By working for the benefit of others, students gain valuable social experience; expanding their understanding of social and societal problems, sharing capabilities for personal engagement, developing social responsibility and justice.


From 2015 to 2022, the Service Learning program offered more than 55,000 academic hours to about 5000 students of all AlmaU programs. More than 150 projects were defended with representatives of over 50 NGOs and organizations, two partner universities. In 2017, the Service Learning educational program was awarded the CEEMAN Champions Awards in “Responsible Management Education”, as well as the “Best Volunteer of 2017” in Almaty in the corporate nomination “We are together!”. The program promotes support to socially volnerable groups, as well as implementation of the projects on climate action and sustainable awareness. Some of students, expired by the spirit of volunteerism, subsequently become active volunteers and participate in charity events.

The AlmaU Service Learning is a compulsory subject and based on the following key components of the educational track:

• participation in the project and its public defense

• theoretical course

• sustainable development goals

• public relations

• engagement of NGOs and international partners

• knowledge and experience transfer

During studies students participate in teacher-supervised long-term projects aimed at solving issues that the local community faces. Service learning bases on long-term project development tutored by AlmaU faculty. Some samples of the projects run by AlmaU students are the following:

• Project to prevent sexual harassment at work and in public places

• Events for orphans

• Ecotourism and active lifestyle project

• Project “Green kitchen” targeted on the availability of healthy food for the silver age people

• Project “Sharing the warm” targeted on solving the problems of homeless people

increase awareness to children's problems, as well as to run trainings devoted to harassment and bullying prevention, and prevention of children involvement into crimes.

Students participate and develop projects for different social groups and environmental campaigns, as following:

• Unified Sports for children with disabilities

• ECO – range of environmental projects to solve ecological problems in Almaty city and surrounding territories, for example, prevention of air pollution, tree planting, etc.

• «First aid and emergency» - training for students supported by The Red Crescent Society in Kazakhstan.

• «INC-TOURISM» - the inclusive touristic infrastructure of Almaty city

• «One child» - project for children from orphanages in the format of cultural events, mountain tours, excursions to the museums and etc.

AlmaU has over 30 agreements with NGOs – Kazakhstani Specialized Olympics, Amasauylyk, Ecological Union Tabighat (“Nature”), Eco Culture, Mother’s house, Kids village, Nursing House, The Red Crescent Society in Kazakhstan, Zhiger, and others.


Program "Service Learning" («Serve to Community»)


What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a program that aims to learn how serve to community/society.

The sourse corresponds to University Strategy aiming to train qualified business professionals who are aware of their civic responsibility to society. AlmaU is continiously demonstrates its commitment to the values ​​and traditions of social engagement, social responsibility among learners and AlmaU people, broad involvement in charitable and socially significant activities.

Service Learning is a form of experiential learning in which the knowledge taught is deepened through socially beneficial activities for the benefit of others.

What are the basic studies in Service Learning?

The main goal of studying the course "Service Learning" is to increase the social involvement of students through awareness of their capabilities and understanding the significance of their own efforts to improve the life of society, understanding the social experience of serving society and demonstrating the acquired knowledge and skills.

In the process of learning "Service Learning" students combine the acquisition of academic knowledge with socially useful work for the benefit of others, the ability to critically comprehend the real challenges of society with the awareness and development of their personal qualities, independence in decision-making with the need to cooperate and work in a team.

Course Structure 

Currently, Service Learning is integrated intocore curriculum for the first year bachelor students of all AlmaU programs. The course is credit based, and include classes, practical trainings, and project activities in the format of team work in partnership with non-profit organizations. Each team finalise the course performing project defense, reporting and demonstrating impactful results on social projects. Each student write an essay in which they critically reflect on their experience and skills, describe what knowledge, skills and personal qualities they have acquired in the process of learning to serve the community.


 Volunteering Projects  


ALMAU Special Volunteers

ALMAU Special Volunteers student team consisting of: Japarov Adilet, Turdieva Kamila, Turdiev Ilyas, Li Igor, Kovgan Diana, Liang Sergey, Syrym Kamila, Khon Arina, Gerasimenko Alexander, Kiryashev Sanzhar (specialty "Logistics" 1st year) - in November -December 2017 for 6 weeks she worked as volunteers of the NGO "Special Olympics Kazakhstan". SOK organizes sports competitions for children with disabilities, providing them with the opportunity to improve their physical fitness, show courage, experience joy and share talents, skills and friendships with family members, other Special Olympics athletes

A team of volunteers helped in organizing sports and training sessions for children with mental disabilities in the sections of the Almaty Sports Club, attracting sponsors and holding SOK tennis and basketball republican tournaments.


Peace lovers с АС

A team of 1st year students of the Russian department of the specialty "Marketing" in the amount of 24 people (group leader Bukash Aizere) in September-October 2017 participated as volunteers in a sociological survey organized by the public fund "Aman-Saulyk", on a topic related to school meals primary school students of Almaty city: satisfaction of parents with the quality of food in school canteens, what products parents give to their children and whether they exercise control over the nutrition of their children.

A team of volunteers interviewed over 1,000 parents of children studying in 17 schools in Almaty. Based on the results of the work performed, on November 21, 2017, the Aman-Saulyk Public Foundation and Almaty Management University (ALMAU) held a press conference on the nutrition of primary school students and the formation of their eating habits, which can lead to the emergence of risk factors for non-communicable diseases . Student Karimova Karina spoke at the press conference and spoke about her experience and impressions from the socially useful work she had done.


Mother House

1st year students of the English department of the specialty "Management" (group leaders Zhenisov Aldan, in October-November 2017, volunteered for 6 weeks in 3 crisis centers "Mom's House" in Almaty. Students taught young mothers skills that could be useful them in search of future work: make-up, manicure, spoken English, and also conducted classes with them in computer literacy, dancing and physical exercises.  


Life Communication in Social House 

A team of volunteers - 1st year students of the specialties "Accounting and Audit" and "Information Systems" of AlmaU, consisting of: Nurmukhambetova Zere (group leader), Albieva Aisulu, Batyrbaev Damir, Yerlankyzy Aruzhan, Zairova Mukaram, Koptileuov Abzal, Kuanyshbek Madina, Abdrashitova Kamila, Petrenko Ksenia, Tuligenova Rabiga, Umbetova Amal, Fomicheva Kristina - in November-December 2017, they spent 6 weeks in the Social Residential House for single pensioners, the disabled, single married and married couples of retirement age. Volunteers organized a meeting with the elderly dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, taught the skills of patchwork and ballroom dancing, collected materials and memories of war and labor veterans for the Book of Memory, made a photo album as a gift to residents of the Social House. 


A team of AlmaU student volunteers of the 1st year of 29 people specializing in Restaurant and Hotel Business (group leader Ainur Baimukhanbetova) in November-December 2017 worked at the Zhiger Youth Organization for Visually Impaired People. Students assisted in the promotion of the Massage Services Center at "Zhiger" (distributed leaflets and business cards, published posts on social networks); monitored the operation of beacons for the blind installed in public places (Central Stadium, A. Kasteev Museum, Students' Palace, Uighur Theater, National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Abai State Academic Theatre, Lermontov Theatre, Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan); doing fundraising.


Anti-Smoking Project

A team of AlmaU volunteers of 30 people - 1st year students of the specialties "Restaurant business and hotel business" and "Logistics" (leaders of the group Shemezova Karina and Gadaborsheva Leyla) under the leadership of the Aman Saulyk Public Foundation - an expert and human rights organization in the field of health and social protection, in November-December 2017, completed a social project. A sociological survey was conducted among 1040 residents of Almaty about the use of cigarettes, as well as actions were held among young people for a healthy lifestyle and smoking cessation.  


Volunteering Project «Hand of Help» in Red Crescent Society

A team of 1st year students of AlmaU specializing in "Logistics" and R&HB, consisting of: Saipaeva Venera, Ni Alexander, Mulaev Bakhtiyar, Bekhteev Artem, Faizov Daniyal, Shagireev Shamil, Shaimerdenova Nazim, Son Daniel, Mamedov Zilane, Mukhtar Laura, Oralova Malika, Starodubets Olesya , Eraliyeva Nazerke, Goncharov Nikolay, Kim Yury - from November 16 to December 20, 2017 worked as volunteers of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan society, which is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement - the largest and most respected humanitarian community in the world.

Volunteer students participated in a fundraising campaign for those in need, distributed social certificates (vouchers) to the Metro Cash & Carry Kazakhstan company, assisted in organizing events for the Volunteer's Day, and participated in the collection of the "Box of the Brave".

The team also participated in the New Year's charity project "Charity wish tree" of the student club "DOS" AlmaU. 

Volunteering Activity for Silver Age People


Проект Книга памяти 

Социальный дом г. Алматы

Группа Учет и аудит р/о, 2 квартал 2017-2018 учебного года

Ветераны войны – Загородников Сергей Фёдорович 

  • Награждён медалью «ЗА ВЗЯТИЕ БЕРЛИНА», был связистом.

Volunteering projects to Silver Age People 


Volunteering support to people that have problems with mental health


Voluntireeng support to orphans and socially volnureble people


Volunteering Activity in Climate Action 


Project «Health Risk Factors for Youth» in partnership with Aman Saulyq 


Project "Social Adoption and Afordable Education for People with special needs" in partnership with Zhiger


Project «First Aid Traning Center» in partnership with Red Crescent Republic of Kazakhstan


AlamU Lab  "Community Service"


International Collaboration




On December 4, 2017, at the Zhambyl Kazakh State Philharmonic at the charity concert "From Heart to Heart", held in favor of people with disabilities, organized by the Public Youth Foundation "Reliance", the winners of the competition "Best Volunteer 2017" were awarded. The award in the nomination "We are together" was presented to Almaty Management University for dissemination of the successful experience of civic indifference and social corporate responsibility. 






Благотворительный Фонд «Бауыржан»

Общественный Фонд "Аман-саулык" 

Общественная организация "Ассоциация Родителей детей-инвалидов"

Общественная организация «Международная Ассоциация Социальных Проектов» МАСП

Общественный Фонд «Eco Kultura»

Special Olympics Kazakhstan

Общественное объединение инвалидов "Кенес"

Общественный Фонд «Красный полумесяц Казахстана»

Частный фонд «Дара»

Дом мамы

Общественный фонд «Шұғыла»

Благотворительный фонд «Эльдани»

Общественный фонд «Милосердные руки»

Международный центр журналистики MediaNet

КГУ «Специальная школа-интернат №2 для детей с нарушением опорно-   двигательного аппарата»

КГУ Специализированный комплекс «Жанұя»

КГУ «Специальная школа – интернат №4 для слепых и слабовидящих детей имени Н. Островского»

КГУ Детский дом №2

Общественное объединение «Молодежная организация людей с ограниченными возможностями «Жигер»

Общественный фонд  «Мирине»

Научно-культурный фонд «Тамшы»





 Students Feedback


"DOS" Student Charity Club 


Volunteering is the activity that is strongly supported by AlmaU, especially on the student level. It is not only incorporated into the academic content, but also conducted through the Student Relations Center and Students Volunteers club.

The last one acts as student charity organization “DOS” for over 10 years. Student Club “DOS” Student Charity Club encourages students to help vulnerable communities – they visit people with disabilities and specialized organizations, meet with special children and communicate with them. Last year students conducted charity projects to raise funds for children with serious illnesses. Students annually collect clothing and food for the children from orphanages.

AlmaU faculty and staff has supported one of the Almaty hospices raising funds for its heating and costs of utilities in cold year season.

AlmaU annually runs Charity Christmas Tree for children with serious illnesses