Education for sustainable development

AlmaU opens new schools, centers, and launches innovative programs in accordance with a commitment to meaningful, responsible managerial education. AlmaU 2025 Meaningful & Impactful University development strategy based on sustainable development principle. In 2022, an updated strategy integrates a new model of the educational ecosystem with education for a complex world/society and for sustainable development. In academic sense, courses cover more and more sustainable development related themes.

AlmaU programs curricula are available in the national registry of educational programs (OHPE (Developer) – Almaty Management University). From year to year the university enlarges the cover of topics related to sustainability and SDGs on various courses, especially within mandatory AlmaU module. At least 16 courses are directly connected to the sustainable development, e.g., Service learning; Design of life; Leadership; Critical thinking; Idea generation; Kaizen; Lean and sustainable manufacturing, sustainable development; EQ as a key managerial competence; Leadership and social responsibility; Lean technologies; Sustainable development and problem of urbanization; Urboecology etc.