Exchange programmes

Name of the institution

Almaty Management University


227, Rozybakiyev Street

050060 Almaty, Kazakhstan

University website 

Website for incoming students

AlmaU International Facebook page


AlmaU International Cooperation Department (IDD) Contact Information

Ms. Assel Nurgazina


tel.: +7 727 313 30 74 / ext. 506

office 406

Ms. Darya Nelidova

Head of International Cooperation

tel. +7 727 313 28 41 / ext. 561

office 406

Ms. Aigul Kospanova

Head of Academic Mobility

tel.: +7 727 313 30 52 / ext. 587

office 103

MsNursulu Kiyash

Academic Mobility

tel.: +7 727 313 30 33 / ext. 404

office 103 / 406

MsNargiz Mukhamediyeva

Academic Mobility

tel.: +7 727 313 30 33 / ext. 404

office 103

Language of instruction

English, Russian, Kazakh

Depending on year, major and study level


Almaty Management University (AlmaU) is an entrepreneurial and socially responsible university located in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. Since its establishment in 1988 AlmaU took the path of bringing innovative programs and projects to the market and developing an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of social responsibility among students, faculty and impacted communities.

Today, Almaty Management University is a large community of successful alumni, creative students, faculty and partners. We broadcast the entrepreneurial mindset all over Central Asia, supporting economic growth through education.

Mission: We make the world a better place through the development of education, research, and entrepreneurship

Vision: AlmaU is a world-class comprehensive university for people striving to contribute to the sustainable development of society

Values: Leadership, Innovativeness, Honesty and Openness, Responsibility, Upbringing and intergenerational continuity

Fast Facts: 4460+ students (5% international), 250 faculty (3% international), 130+ international partners


Fall Semester

September 5– September 11

Orientation Week

September 12 – December 25

Theoretical courses

October 24- October 30

Mid Term 1

December 19 - December 25

Mid Term 2

December 26 - January 15

Exam Session

January 15 - January 23

Winter holidays

Spring Semester

January 23- May14

Theoretical courses

March 13- March 19

Midterm 1

May 10- May 14

Midterm 2

May 15- June 05

Exam session



Nomination Process

Necessary documents such as copy of passport, application form* and digital photo 3x4 should be send by e-mail to


*Application form will be sent to the partner university

Required information that should be included in the nomination

Full name of the students, date of birth, their study program, year of study, number of semesters completed, and emails should be provided in the nomination.

Nomination deadlines*


* unless a different deadline is established by mutual agreement with partner university


Fall Semester

(September - December)

Spring Semester

(January - June)


June 30

November 31


July 30

December 30




Fall Semester

(September - December)

Spring Semester

(January - June)

August 30 Constitution Day

December 1 First President Day

December 16,17 Independence Day

December 31- New Year’s Eve

January 1,2 New Year


March 8 International Women's Day

March 21-23 Nauryz (spring equinox day)

May 1 Unity Day

May 7 Defender of the Fatherland Day

May 9 Victory Day

July 6 Capital Day





Course information/Syllabus

Syllabus will be shared before the beginning of each semester (will be sent to incoming international students by email).

Course selection

Students select themselves their preferred courses (unless different procedure is determined by bilateral agreements between sending and receiving institutions). The registration to chosen courses will be proceeded remotely by student coordinators.

The list of courses is sent to the incoming student in advance.

English language proficiency requirement

B1 level or higher


Updated on 28/06/2022

Fall Semester 2022-2023

Download here

Spring Semester 2022-2023

Download here

Список курсов для онлайн академической мобильности на 2022-2023 учебный год (язык обучения - русский)

актуально на осенний семестр 2022




Visa support



Almaty Management University supports international students with application proceedings to get a study visa through provision of invitation letters and registration number from  the  Department  of Consular  Service  of  the  Ministry  of  Foreign   Affairs   in Almaty (

Incoming student should also visit themselves the website of the Consulate General of Kazakhstan in their countries to learn more about documents required for visa application (medical insurance, validity of passport, 2 passport sized photos, application form of host university).



AlmaU supports international students in their search for accommodation, providing personal advice, and useful information to ensure that students can quickly find a place to call their own. Usually, prices start from 150$ depending on whether the choice is a private or a shared flat. Shared accommodation can be almost twice less expensive. The need of accommodation assistance should be mentioned in students’ application forms.


Health insurance is mandatory for all international students throughout their term of enrollment at Alma University. Proof of medical coverage must be submitted by the student before his/her arrival and start of exchange period (it shall be attached to application documents).

Please, note that valid international health insurance coverage is also one of the legal requirements while applying for Kazakh visa.



Welcome on arrival

AlmaU International Office and University staff will welcome international students and help them to settle into their new life, through mentor/buddy program; providing them with information materials, like e.g. Student Handbook; and organizing touristic trips inside and outside of the city.

Orientation week – COMPULSORY for all Incoming Exchange Students

AlmaU Academic Mobility Office provides Introduction Days program for all international students few days before the start of each Semester. This compulsory session aims to integrate international students into new environment, inform them about University regulations and administrative matters (visa, residence permit and registration, health insurance, banking, mobile and internet provides, accommodation, transportation, student cards, academic expectations and standards).




AlmaU grade*

ECTS grade




A (A, A-)


Very good


B (B+, B, B-)




C (C+, C, C-)




D (D+, D)












You can apply to Almaty Management University as an exchange student for one or two semesters, based on an agreement between your sending university and AlmaU. Once you are nominated as a candidate at your sending university, you must apply for an exchange through our international office.



In order to apply for an exchange program at AlmaU, your university needs to have a valid agreement with Almaty University Management, and you need to be a candidate for study at AlmaU nominated by the International Office at your sending university. When your international office submits your candidacy, they should include information about your specialty, your training course and when you plan to come for an exchange.



Next, you must fill out the application form. Send us the scanned application form by e-mail and the original copy by mail (Appendix 1). With the completed application form, you must send:

- Official transcript (in English and stamped at the university)

- A document showing the level of English proficiency with a minimum level of B1. (If you study in programs in Russian, a document issued by your sending university indicating the level of knowledge of the Russian language is also required)

- Scanned copy of your passport

- Color photo (passport size)

- Visa application form in Appendix 2



Application deadlines:

July 15 for fall semester / full school year

November 15 for spring semester



After we receive your application and the department at AlmaU approves your application, we will send you an official confirmation letter with which you will apply for a student visa at the nearest Kazakh embassy / consulate in your country.

* Additional documents may be required if necessary, and special conditions may apply in some countries.



AlmaU helps foreign students apply for a student visa by providing invitation letters and a registration number from the Consular Services Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Almaty (

An exchange student should also visit the website of the embassy and / or consulate general of Kazakhstan in their countries to learn more about the documents required for applying for a visa (health insurance, passport validity, 2 passport size photographs, 2 confirmation letters, and etc.).

Health insurance is compulsory for all international students throughout the entire period of study at AlmaU. The student must provide a copy of health insurance prior to his arrival and the beginning of the exchange period (it is attached to the application).

Please note that current international health insurance is also one of the legal requirements when applying for a Kazakhstan visa.



Visit the Inbound Mobility Coordinator, who will provide you with the necessary documents and to whom you will provide the original certificates from your country.



All students must be registered with the Migration Police within 5 days of arrival. This rule applies if he lives in the country for more than 5 days. If a foreign student has a visa to Kazakhstan, he must notify the staff / coordinators of the international office on the day of arrival, since the university must notify the migration police in writing form. Please, take this very seriously! If the student fails to complete the registration procedure in the migration police service on time, this may face a fine of $ 1,000, and may also be barred from entering the country for 5 years.


This year, Almaty Management University signed a contract with the lessor of dormitory “House of students”. This dormitory has all the necessary conditions: free internet, medical center, security, and also a bathroom in each room. The student can use the services of the fitness room, which is located in the hostel itself.

In case, if a student does not want to live in a dormitory, then the staff of Almaty University Management help foreign students in finding housing, provide advice on drafting contracts. Typically, prices range from 200 to 400 euros, depending on the location of the apartment and the number of rooms. Shared accommodation can be almost half the price. The need for assistance in accommodation should be mentioned in advance in the questionnaires when applying for an exchange.