Honorary Professors

Honorary Professor is a high title awarded to scientists and researchers for theirsignificant contribution to science and education. This title is a recognition of scientific achievements and dedication to science.

AlmaU University, which implements modern standards and innovations in education, also has the title of "Honorary Professor".

Holders of the title of "Honorary Professor" at AlmaU include experts from different fields. They participate in the academic activities of AlmaU, conduct scientific and practical seminars and scientific research. The recognition and significance that the title holders have give them the opportunity to make a greater contribution to the scientific community of AlmaU and to the development of education in general.


​Honorary Professors of AlmaU:


Toregeldy Sharmanov

President of Kazakhstan Academy of Nutrition.

2022 - Honorary Professor of AlmaU

Askar Akayev


Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University

2022 - Honorary Professor of AlmaU


Pan Suk Kim

International Director of the American Society for Public Administration.

2017 - Honorary Professor of AlmaU

Jeffrey Beall


Associate Professor, University of Denver (Colorado, USA).

2015 - Honorary Professor of AlmaU

David Kirby

Honorary Practicing Professor, Trinity Saint David University of Wales

2014 - Honorary Professor of AlmaU

Pierre Rene Hubert Marie van der Linden

Political figure of the Kingdoms of the Netherlands.

2014 - Honorary Professor of AlmaU

Eric Flamholtz

President of Management Systems Consulting Corporation.

2012 - Honorary Professor of IAB

Marcia Reynolds

President of “Covisioning” consulting company.

2012 - Honorary Professor of IAB

Ichak Kalderon Adizes

CEO of Adizes Academy of Management.

2012 - Honorary Professor of IAB

Kim Bum-il

Political figure of South Korea.

2011 - Honorary Professor of IAB