Multidisciplinary College "Zeynep"

AlmaU has built the Multidisciplinary College "Zeynep" in the rural area of Lobanovo village in the North Kazakhstan​ - as a model for rural education.

Zeynep Multidisciplinary Rural College was founded in 2022 based on the former Lobanovsky Rural College (Lobanova Village, Northern Kazakhstan) - the project has been supported by Almaty Management University and College of the International Academy of Business (International Academy of Business is the former name of AlmaU). Zeynep College's Infrastructure, as well as its educational and methodological facilities were rebuilt and renewed by the university.


1. To create a favorable and comfortable academic environment, providing training services, professional development facilities, education and socialization of rural youth in the region.

2. To provide opportunities for professional, entrepreneurial and personal growth throughout life

3. Building a unified ecosystem integration model of a modern rural educational complex, using the impact on the quality of secondary education in the schools of the region

4. To create a model of educational ecosystem in the countryside, aimed to support village and rural ares development in the region, to increase the welfare of citizens and society as a whole.

The development of the project targeted on the transformation of Zeynep College to establish a modern innovative multidisciplinary and multifunctional educational ecosystem in the region - to attract students of surrounding areas and bordering regions nurturing professional and entrepreneurial skills integrated with social responcibility and sustainability. 

Covering professional areas are the following:

- agriculture: agricultural production , animal husbandry, beekeeping

- tourism and travelling: ecotourism and agrotourism, seasonal tourism

- service activities: hotel business and catering

- IT and robotics, including for use in agriculture

- management and entrepreneurship in the countryside

- pedagogy for preschool and elementary learning.

The structure of the college:

- School of Entrepreneurship

- School of Tourism and Hospitality

- School of Teacher Training

- School of Training for specialists in agriculture

Programs of Zeynep College provide multidisciplinary educational activities in four main clusters of vocational education:

- agricultural and agrarian area

- tourism and services 

- management and entrepreneurship

- pedagogy

The college learning programs include the following areas (including applied bachelor's programs within individual programs):

0112 Preschool teacher training

0113 Teacher leaning without subject training

0114 Learning of teachers with subject specialization (pedagogy and methods of primary education)

0413 Management and administration

0613 Software development and analysis

0713 Electronics and Automation (Robotics and Embedded Systems)

0716 Agricultural mechanization and Operation and maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery

0721 Food production

0811 Crop and livestock production

0812 Crop production

0821 Forestry

0841 Veterinary

1013 Hospitality, restaurants and catering service

1015 Travel, tourism and leisure

0522 Environment and wildlife


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