3 reasons to visit the museum of “Almaty Management University”

  • See the first innovative museum in Kazakhstan - without exhibits
  • Discover the history of the first private business school in Kazakhstan
  • Evaluate the unique concept of the museum - a combination of history, modern design and the latest technology


Which history stores the museum?

Innovative Museum ALMA University keeps a history of the creation of the first private business school in Kazakhstan - Almaty Managers School, which  was transformed into the International Academy of Business in 1996, and in 2014, in connection with the assignment of the status of the university -  Almaty Managment University.


What is the museum?

  • There are not traditional exhibits - instead of them interactive multi-touch-screen panel, designed to replace the traditional museum display cases and to provide access to the content of the Museum at 24/7.
  • There is not traditional guide - his role performs audio guide and IPad with technology smart-house.
  • There are used modern forms of presentation: infographics, animations, interactive presentations and augmented reality.


The concept of an interactive museum

Under the concept of museum had to match the innovative development strategy of the University and serves decent "frame" of the history of achievements AlmaU. As a result the Museum of organically combines a compact space, unlimited reserves of the interactive space, high technology and modern design.

In this concept was offered to move away from the "exhibits" in the conventional sense of the word, and exalt them into a row of informative art installations. "Installations" are divided into development milestones of the University and has consistently performed in white. To highlight details and accents on objects was used chiaroscuro. This was done to preserve the unity and organic space.

As a result in this kind it presented the museum on its opening day, April 29, 2014