AlmaU 2025


October 02, 2020

AlmaU 2025

To a large extent, the reason for updating the strategy was the global changes that we are all currently experiencing. Among them is the pandemic and its immediate consequence, transition to online-education. Significance of the third mission of universities that influence society, government and business, is growing. In response to these and other global challenges, the country is taking measures to modernize the education system and the anti-crisis program, which are prerequisites for reviewing current strategies.

We defended successfully our strategy before the high Commission of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of "University Management 2020" educational project, AlmaU Board of Trustees and the extended Academic Council, which includes all our employees.

AlmaU development strategy up to 2025 ensures the coherence of all its divisions and directs them to achieve long-term goals. We will complete the transformation of AlmaU into an entrepreneurial university using digital technologies. We will create an ecosystem for development of research and innovation, and accelerate the development of online education.

To achieve AlmaU vision 2025, implement strategic goals and strengthen the contribution of AlmaU to the development of society (Meaningful & Impactful University) 3 strategic directions have been identified:

  1. Academic excellence: transition to a student-centered, personalized education, development of online education and lifelong learning.
  2. Research and innovation: improving the conditions for generating knowledge and developing innovations, strengthening research competencies.
  3. Entrepreneurship for all: development and dissemination of entrepreneurial thinking and skills among people of all professions and ages, increasing the impact of the University on the economy and public life.

Every direction meets three criteria that determine the quality of the University's development:

  1. Sustainable development – promoting a stable, uniform improvement of people's living conditions; efficient and "clean" University activities; inclusion and tolerance.
  2. Internationalization – attracting international students, teachers and employees, participating in international academic, research, and entrepreneurial activities, and forming international ties.
  3. Digitalization – introduction of information technologies to facilitate and accelerate the University work, search for and implement new opportunities.

We thank everyone who participated in working-out: without your ideas, perseverance, and genuine participation, this strategy would not have been born.

You can see the strategy here.