AlmaU conducted research based on face reading technology


October 03, 2022

AlmaU conducted research based on face reading technology

Professors and students of Almaty Management University investigated the impact of information of political and social significance on people. We analyzed the opinions and feelings of citizens based on neurobiological research. According to the scientist, the January events became the reason for the study.

Aiman ​​Kazybayeva PhD, Head of the Neuromarketing and Neuromanagement Laboratory and Dean of School of Management at AlmaU, spoke about this study. This study is based on an interview of the well-known journalist Armanzhan Baitasov with the ex-mayor of Almaty Bakytzhan Sagintayev and information about the appointment of Yerbolat Dosaev as the new mayor of Almaty, published on the YouTube channels. Professor Emerita Madina Smykova and students Madina Dushanova and Dastan Keldibekov took part in the study.

“In this study, first of all, we paid attention to determining the feelings of Almaty residents about the January events,” says Aiman ​​Kazybayeva. "January of this year did not leave any Kazakhstani indifferent. During the experiment, we sought to determine how this event affected Almaty residents, including, for example, how respondents perceived this event and rated it depending on gender and age. The study was conducted on the basis of face reading technology. This is a technology that allows you to determine the emotion of the research participant and determine how active he was in that emotional situation."

Aiman Kazybayeva, noted that there is a difference in the perception of the submitted videos by the respondents. As a result of the study, experts noted that the emotions of the respondents who took part in the neurobiological study varied depending on gender and age.