AlmaU does good deeds


December 30, 2019

AlmaU does good deeds

Anniversary charity ball "I am with you"

The other day there was an anniversary Charity Ball "I am with you!" for the wards of the First Children's Hospice in Kazakhstan.

Students, employees and teachers of Almaty Management University took part in the New Year's ball with enthusiasm.  Thanks to their kind, sympathetic hearts, the most secret desires and dreams of 97 children were fulfilled!

The hospice administration thanked the University and wished everyone a Happy New Year!


New Year for children of “Center for Adaptation, Rehabilitation and Abilitation - RUKH”

To celebrate the New Year with friends has become a good tradition of the college of International Academy of Business (under the direction of director Khismatullina AlfiyaAnvarovna) for the children of “Center for Adaptation, Rehabilitation and Abilitation – RUKH”.  Each event is special.

So, on the stage of the Atrium  in Almaty Management University, students from IAB college and guys from RUKH center presented bright performances. A lot of fun games, team contests, staging of the New Year's fairy tale, treats, disco, gifts and just chatting with each other! Of course, the celebration would be incomplete without meeting with the most anticipated characters - Santa Claus and Snow Maiden!  They were greeted with a standing ovation.


Gifts from the colleagues

In addition to external events, a new year celebration was held for employees of the university.

At the initiative of the First Vice-Rector of Almaty Management University – Almagul Medikhatovna, the following important project was completed: our colleagues fulfilled the wishes of the employees’ children, namely technical staff and workers.

Children were given toys, bicycles, sweets, etc.  Every child got a present and  was truly satisfied!


Almaty Management University thanks everyone who took part in creating an unforgettable fairy tale for all the kids.  Let your home be full of warmth, joy and harmony in the coming year!