AlmaU presented the Laboratory of Happiness


January 27, 2020

AlmaU presented the Laboratory of Happiness

Can a person be happy at work?  What are its components, and what factors can add a couple of happy fluids or, conversely, deprive a person of a feeling of happiness in the workplace?

The presentation of  AlmaU Happiness Laboratory as part of the Winter School -2020 was conducted by the initiators of its creation - DBA department director Aizhan Kadirbergenova and AlmaU creative director Nuria Khasanova.

The laboratory plans to develop its activities in 3 directions.  The research function, which underlies the scientific direction of the Laboratory, includes surveys of Kazakhstani respondents on issues of well-being and happiness in the workplace.  These studies are designed to help Kazakhstan improve the index of happiness in the republic and rise from the currently occupied 60th position in the ranking of countries of the world in terms of happiness to a higher line.

In addition, the applied direction of the laboratory is already in full swing.  It includes: an art therapy studio “We draw happiness!”, Where teachers and university staff have already tried themselves in modeling from red clay and are happy to paint on canvas;  A healthy lifestyle studio “Happiness be healthy!”, In which the basics of healthy lifestyle begin with introducing colleagues to healthy eating and launching the 3-week Health Marathon: the most daring have already firmly entered the healthy lifestyle pathway and are confidently looking to the future, where they will come built and updated  .  Next in line are fitness workouts that help you feel your body, as well as goal-setting and strengthening your will.

The third direction of the Laboratory will be holding Happiness Tours The first project, the Week of Happiness in Georgia, is planned for the end of June 2020 and involves an intellectual vacation on the coast of Batumi with master classes fortunately from Russian specialist Oksana Pikuleva, where participants will become “hunters for joy” and learn how to generate it from the inside.  In July-August, tours of Happiness in the Republic of Kazakhstan are planned, where you will discover not only incredible little-known places of authentic Kazakhstan, but also yourself - for happiness, joy and prosperity!

Today, AlmaU Happiness Laboratory was also presented to AlmaU College teachers as part of the weekly “Teacher Readings” program.