On Nauryz Almaty citizens can visit sport centers for free!


March 09, 2016 On Nauryz Almaty citizens can visit sport centers for free!

Today in Almaty Management University was created the public VitAlem coalition which initiates the program for improving of health of Kazakhstan citizens by means of physical activity and healthy nutrition, reports the correspondent of

"Our tasks is to involve more Kazakhstan citizens to walk more or do exercises at least 20-40 minutes a day, at least 2-3 times a week and to develop muscles, correctly and rationally eat, avoid harmful products and addictions", - said the president of "Academy of Preventive Medicine" Almaz Sharman.

The coalition also announced the launch of the pilot program "Almaty - city of health and active longevity." The first step will be the project "Healthy Nauryz - a week of free sport." From 21 to 27 March Almaty residents will be able to have free access to a number of gyms.

According to the participants of the round table, the main reasons for the increasing incidence in the country is low activity, poor diet and a small amount of water consumption.

"The system of health care should involve not only one specific organization, but also whole nation. Youth must think not only about earning more money, but also how to stay healthy. Ill person - is the person that cannot earn money. Now every cititezen will have to pay for medical care. It is much cheaper to prevent the disease rather than pay for the treat", - said chair of the National Association of educational institutions« SERPIN »Murat Abenov.