Buddy in AlmaU


November 05, 2020

Buddy in AlmaU

Recruiting Department invites AlmaU students to participate in the buddy program, in which volunteer students help foreigners who come to study at AlmaU to adapt and integrate into the social and university system.

Becoming a Buddy, you will not only help foreign students, but also improve your English, make new friends, participate in many interesting activities, and also be able to learn about the specifics of studying at another university where you can go for an exchange!

Any AlmaU student can become a buddy volunteer, the faculty and year of study do not matter. Of course, students who are already well-versed in AlmaU are needed in orientation activities, campus tours, when getting to know the study office. But to show the student the city, help navigate transport, overcome the language barrier, etc. any student willing to contribute will do.

You need to be fluent in English. Knowledge of any other foreign language is also a plus. Knowledge of Almaty and the sights will not hurt, but is not a strict requirement. Sociability, positive attitude, willingness to help foreign students - these are the main criteria. Well, and a clear understanding of what is meant by the concept of "volunteering".

We are not asking buddies to “hang out and be friends with our students,” we are asking them to take their responsibilities seriously and responsibly, like a job.

To participate in the program, please fill out the registration form.

For more information, please contact a.ainaqulova@almau.edu.kz