ALMA University


August 31 , 2016
September 8 Astana will host a round table "Perspective education development models", one of the participants of which will be an Israeli politician, rabbi, teacher, leader of religious Zionism, Israeli Minister of Education in the third Netanyahu government (2013-2014), Shai Moshe Piron. On the eve of the new academic year, discussed the topical issues of education with the guest of honor.
August 03 , 2016
Almaty Management University (earlier - IAB) is proud to announce the opening of the School of engineering management at undergraduate and graduate programs in collaboration with a French consortium n + i and SFERE.
July 12 , 2016
Instilling entrepreneurship in succeeding generations of family business owners is essential if they are to realise regional and global success
May 11 , 2016
Those cinematic scenarios in which people are located and then placed behind high security doors, and then determining how long they have been in that location, is now a reality courtesy of radio frequency identification technology (RFID).
March 24 , 2016
On March 30 in Almaty will be held TechGarden’s STARTUP DAY — the Eurasian stage of startup tour 2016 Skolkovo RoadShow.
March 18 , 2016
Startup Tour is a platform for dialogue of authorities, venture capital funds, development institutions and innovation community in Russia and Kazakhstan.
March 10 , 2016
Tech Garden’s Startup day will be held on March 30-31 during the Eurasian stage of Skolkovo Startup Tour.
March 10 , 2016
В Алматы в рамках евразийского этапа Skolkovo Startup Tour 30-31 марта состоится Tech Garden’s Startup day, передает корреспондент центра деловой информации со ссылкой на сообщение организаторов мероприятия.
March 09 , 2016
On March 4, 2016 the final stage of the II International competition of student research papers in the field of marketing and sociology "Zhas Zerde", oorganized by the Kazakhstan Association of Professional Researchers of Public Opinion and Market (KAPIOR) and Almaty Management University (AlmaU). Co-organizers - the Association of Sociologists of Kazakhstan, Guild marketers.
March 09 , 2016
In Kazakhstan, the VitaAlem coalition is created. This non-governmental organization will promote healthy lifestyle.
March 09 , 2016
In Almaty created the coalition on improvement of the population's health - VitAlem. It brings together representatives of the public administration sector and business. About it at a press conference "Almaty - the city of health and the active longevity" was reported by Professor Almaz Sharman. Such decision was made after publication of results of the Kazakhstan research, which showed that Kazakhstan citizens overeat, drink not enough and have lack of activity.
March 09 , 2016
In Almaty was created the VitAlem coalition which activities, according to organizers, will promote health improvement of Kazakhstan citizens. Social activists to such step were roused by results of large-scale research, which showed that residents of Kazakhstan overeat and do not make sport activities.
March 09 , 2016
Today in Almaty Management University was created the public VitAlem coalition which initiates the program for improving of health of Kazakhstan citizens by means of physical activity and healthy nutrition, reports the correspondent of
March 09 , 2016
Within the framework of an initiative "Almaty - the city of health and the active longevity", organized by the VitAlem coalition, from March 21 to March 27, 2016 everyone will be able to visit sports grounds of Almaty Management University and gyms of the Golden Eagle crossfit network, and also other organizations which joined the project "Nauryz — Week of Available Sport".
March 09 , 2016
On March 9, 2016 in Almaty Management University (earlier IAB) were held round table and a press conference on the subject "Almaty — the City of Health and the Active Longevity" organized by the VitAlem coalition which includes: Academy of preventive medicine, AlmaU, Informational resource LLP and other organizations.