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March 17 , 2016
18-марта в 19:00 в Almaty Management University состоится Master’s Day! Master’s Day – это День Открытых Дверей постдипломных образовательных программ AlmaU, таких как: Магистратура и Второе Высшее Образование!
February 23 , 2016
On February 26 at 19:00, in Almaty Management University held a unique event - the Open Day of Masters and Second higher education programs.
February 18 , 2016
Master's of Almaty Management University invites you to take part in the FREE seminar.
February 17 , 2016
On 16th of February, the Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing department has organized guest lecture within discipline "Management of trademarks". The CEO of Fashion Week Almaty Astana - Zhanel Bertayeva, and the Kazakhstan designer Leonid Zherebtsov with the Zherebtsov trademark have acted as the invited lecturers.
February 09 , 2016
On 3-5 of February 2016, Almaty Management University was visited by guests from Solbridge Business School: professor Brock M.Stout, founder of Highlight Institute Mr. John H Song, co-founder and Kazakh Branch Manager of Highlight Institute Mr. Madiyar Khossediyas.
February 05 , 2016
On 2nd of February 2016, Oleg He the editor of "Isker Media", the chief editor of the newspaper "Business and authority" and the magazine RBK Real business in Kazakhstan visited Almaty Management University with the guest lecture.
December 14 , 2015
December 10, in Almaty Management University (earlier IAB) trade representative from Austria in the republic of Kazakhstan Michael Muller met 4th year students of “finance”, “management” and “accounting” specialties. Guest gave an interesting presentation to students on the topic of: “Economic, Trade and Financial Relations between Austria and Kazakhstan”.
December 10 , 2015
December 8, in Almaty Management University (earlier IAB) held master-class of image-consultant Natalya Chebotareva on the topic of: Globalization in XXI century. Trendy review: features of perception of image of a businessman in countries of modern Europe”.
December 08 , 2015
December 7, in Almaty Management University (earlier IAB) held guest lecture of the director of the Group of risks assessment Dosym Satpayev – on the topic of “Global trends and regional risks”.
November 25 , 2015
- You are the brand! - Guest from the "Mars Kazakhstan" - The owner of CrossFit met with AlmaU students - The owner of CrossFit met with AlmaU students
November 20 , 2015
- АВ restaurants: the formula of success - Following Machiavelli’s footsteps… - NOTA BENE!