Central Asian Forum AMBA & BGA in partnership with AlmaU


April 12, 2023

Central Asian Forum AMBA & BGA in partnership with AlmaU

The Central Asian AMBA & BGA Forum is a unique opportunity for leaders and staff of business schools to learn about international best practices. Gain knowledge on how to improve and build business schools with a strong international reputation. Alongside this, AMBA and BGA will share how the BGA Continuous Impact Model (CIM) and accreditation can be used to improve a school's value preposition for its stakeholders. The one-day event invites speakers from business schools in the region and beyond, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Education, to share their thoughts on the future of management education.

The Business Graduates Association is an international membership and quality assurance body for the world's leading business schools with high potential. All of these institutions share a commitment to responsible governance and lifelong learning. They aim to make a positive impact on their students, communities, and the wider economy. The influence of BGA membership extends far and wide. Business schools can become future pioneers of sustainable business education in responsible management, positive impact and lifelong learning. While many accreditation bodies are prescriptive, the BGA instead focuses on positive impact. This leads to a more consultative process where schools can improve in areas such as economic relevance, improved stakeholder management and strategic alignment, desired image and path to internationalization.


Date: 02/05/2023  Time: 09:30  Location: Novotel Almaty City Center (Dostyk Avenue, 104a)

Participation is free!


Please register using this link and confirm your participation information:  https://businessgraduatesassociation.com/bga_events/central-asia-forum/