Charity project Charity Wish Tree was launched in Almaty


December 05, 2015

Charity project Charity Wish Tree was launched in Almaty

Wish trees of kids from orphanages are located in four shopping centers of megalopolis. 

In Almaty was launched charity project Charity Wish Tree, in frames of which citizens will be able to make children’s from orphanages or low-income families dreams come true, tells correspondent of media-portal

Wish trees are located in four shopping centers of megalopolis. On such new year trees, except balloons and tinsel, are hanging cards with written name, age of child and wished gift.

Among wishes of children are doll, Barbie and Ken, tales book, encyclopedia and a pouch of chocolate, warm sweater, book about animals and plants, box of bricks for development, warm winter coat, carriage for dolls, constructor Lego and other.

Volunteers in total gathered 684 wishes of children who live in not only Almaty, but in region either – Chili region, Talgar, Kaskelen and other.

 “This is official start. Initiators of the project are students of Almaty Management University (earlier IAB), total amount of involved volunteers is 216. These are students of seven Almaty universities. They were going to region on Sundays in order to find out what New Year presents children want”, - told AlmaU student Diana Kulakeyeva.

Now on the New Year’s eve every single liver of South capital has an opportunity to make children’s dreams come true. Wish trees will be set in shopping centers of Almaty during nine days. For participation in the project it is necessary to fill the questionnaire, choose the wish and support the connection with organizers. The gift can be either given personally or with help of volunteers.

Source: медиа-портал