Concept for Harm Reduction Caused by Non-Communicable Diseases


May 25, 2020

Concept for Harm Reduction Caused by Non-Communicable Diseases

An extended meeting of the Working Group on NCDs was held in Astana on October 27, 2018.

The meeting was attended by 37 experts and representatives of government agencies. In addition to the members of the Working group, the extended meeting was attended by the Director General of RC AIDS Bayserkin B.S., Director General of RSPPZ Negai N.A., Director General of NTSOZ Akhmetov V.I., Chairman of the Committee on Public Health Protection Bekshin J.M. (who came to the meeting with a group of their employees at the level of heads of subdivisions), Deputy Director of the Department of Public Health Policy Akhmetova Z.E., employee of the Department of Public Health Protection Kuspekova G.E., member of the OS Esimov D.S.

In their presentations, participants emphasized the relevance and importance of the topic of prevention of NCDs and harm reduction of NCD risk factors, which is new for Kazakhstan, and noted that the activities of the Working Group are in full compliance with the issues raised on the eve of the WHO Global PHC Conference.  The Harm Reduction Concept was discussed and commended by participants, including the international expert Dr. Alex Vodak. Dr. Alex Vodak gave a presentation on international experience in harm reduction and the prevention of NCDs, answered questions and fully supported the work being done.  As former President of the International Harm Reduction Association, he took the initiative to submit a letter of recommendation for membership and has already sent a letter to the head of the international organization.

The meeting reviewed and approved the Harm Reduction Concept:

Concept for Reduction of Harm from Sources of Non-Communicable Diseases. Implementation Economic Effect Assessment:

The concept of harm reduction is a vivid example and the result of joint work of the MOH of Kazakhstan, OSH of MOH of Kazakhstan, government agencies and NGOs.