Creative April: inspiring creativity!


May 03, 2019

Creative April: inspiring creativity!

From March 26 to April 5, in 4 regions of Kazakhstan, a series of master classes on creative entrepreneurship, social media positioning, business case analysis and resolution were held as part of Creative April events.

Thanks to Creative April, “Ecosystem of Student Entrepreneurship” project residents got opportunities and tools for development of creative and innovative thinking, development of creative competencies, deep immersion in the creative economy and entrepreneurship, and also discussed entrepreneurship in the digital environment.


Creative entrepreneurship refers to businesses that operate within cultural and creative industries. In different countries, these industries have different definitions, but, in principle, creative entrepreneurship includes areas that are based on cultural creativity and capitalize intellectual property. They include design and fashion, architecture, the audiovisual sector (industry, broadcasting), publishing, media, visual arts, music industry, heritage (museums, libraries, archives), advertising and entertainment (games, applications).

Master classes were held in four regions of the republic: Karaganda, Aktobe, Kostanay and Pavlodar.

Daniyar Medetov, Head of AlmaU Business Incubator, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Strategy, and Assem Kabulova, Project Manager of AlmaU Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development, conducted master classes at seven educational institutions:

• March 26 - Karaganda Medical University;

• March 28 – Zhubanov University;

• March 29 - Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College;

• April 1 - Rudny Industrial Institute;

• April 2 - Kostanay Engineering and Economic University;

• April 4 - Innovative University of Eurasia;

• April 5 - Pavlodar State Pedagogical University.

Daniyar Medetov told the participants of the master classes that: “The trend of creative economy in the regions is spreading very slowly. We clearly understand that Creative April was the first event in which residents of the region received the first message about opportunities for their own development and creation of their businesses in cultural and creative sectors. ”

Salem Social Media team were special guests of the regional project, who shared with the audience the possibilities of digital entrepreneurship and income generation, and also spoke about their work in the creative industry.

I really liked the guys who take part in our master classes. They are people who are open to new knowledge. They can ask interesting questions, and this is quite important. In fact, each of us is a marketer. Introduction to marketing is the first step towards your own business ideas”, Gennady Zakharov, a senior SMM specialist at Salem Social Media shared his impressions.

Creative April was held within the framework of ERG (Eurasian Group) company project “Ecosystem of Student Entrepreneurship”, which is implemented in partnership with Almaty Management University and Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University in Kazakhstan.