Dear Alumni of IAB/AlmaU!


January 28, 2016

Dear Alumni of IAB/AlmaU!

All of you have studied in our educational institution. You gained useful knowledge here, started the first professional contacts, planned the future. Moreover, you probably remember how it was difficult at to find person willing to help you to evaluate your efforts and share valuable advice?

Almaty Management University (earlier - MAB) became a starting point in your career – having received the best business education in Kazakhstan, you could lay the foundation of your success! Today, we ask you to support present students of AlmaU who only begin the way! The center of career planning and work with alumni of Alma University launching the new project "Mentorship". You can participate by taking mentorship over 4th year students that practice internship in your company. With your help, students will adapt in the new environment much quicker, and with bigger efficiency will acquire practical skills on the workplaces. Maybe our students already somewhere near you?

Today our students practice internship in such large domestic and international companies as: JSC Air Astana, JSC Sberbank, JSC Kaspi Bank, JSC Zhilstroysberbank, JSC Bank Home Credit, JSC Bank Center Credit, Akniet LLP, JSC Deloitte, RG Brands Kazakhstan LLP, Coca Cola Almaty LLP, Raimbek Bottlers LLP, "Ritz Carlton Almaty", Kazakhstan Hotel, Grand hotel "Tien Shan", Network of Pinta restaurants, and many others.

We are proud to present you indifferent graduates of IAB/AlmaU, who have already take a part in the project and became a mentor for young professionals:

  • Zarina Aziraman – training coordinator at JSC Air Astana (IAB alumni 2012)
  • Karina Sycheva – Director of Marketing Communications Department (IAB alumni 2011)
  • Veleriy Kim – manager of the Caspian region of JSC Deloitte (IAB alumni 2012)
  • Tolegen Seilhanov – Top Credit Manager JSC Sberbank (IAB alumni 2012)
  • Yuriy Negodyuk cofounder of a network of Pinta restaurants (IAB alumni 2006)
  • Gulmira Aldiyarova advisor of Akniet LLP (DBA alumni of IAB 2013)
  • Zarina Seidahmetova leading expert of National bank of Kazakhstan (IAB alumni 2012)

If you have any questions concerning the project, please contact the center of career planning and work with alumni:

Tel.:   +7 727 313-30-91 вн.204; +7 727 302 21 19