First day # AlmaU_Balqash2020


February 17, 2020

First day # AlmaU_Balqash2020

"Nature does not tolerate inaccuracies and does not forgive mistakes"

Ralph  Waldo Emerson


To pay attention to the ecology of Lake Balkhash through the passage - the participants of the second ice passage Uly Balqash shakyrady - 2020 called such an opportunity important and unique.  More than 100 Kazakhstanis decided to participate in an unusual method of drawing public attention to the pollution of Lake Balkhash as a passage along Lake Balkhash, and 90 of them made the transition at different distances, 12 km  and 24 km.  Compared to the last year, the number of participants doubled twice.  This is a clear indicator that more and more people are paying attention to the issue of ecology.  In particular, to the problem of the ecology of Lake Balkhash.  Since the time of the Silk Road, Lake Balkhash and Balkhash area have been playing an important role as a historical, cultural, ethnographic and economic region.

The organizer for the second year in a row is Almaty Management University (Graduate School of Business). AlmaU, as a socially responsible university, initiates and implements, together with partners and caring residents of our country, many social and environmental projects, among them UlyBalqashshakyrady - 2020 ice passage stands out because  it managed to attract the attention of friends and partners, sponsors of RG Brands, YAM-EEE!  and Ülker, NomadExplorer, Turan Express, ULKER, WorldClass, ALE Azamattyk Alliance, Almaty Marathons and Kazakh Geographical Society, Turan TV channel, MIR 24 interstate broadcasting company, Tengrinews online publication and HOLAnews online publication  HOLAnews. "  In this regard, AlmaU administration and staff express their gratitude to all organizations that have supported the holding and coverage of the unique UlyBalqashshakyrady 2020 event.

Why do environmental issues arise?  It all depends on us how we behave in relation to nature.  We must remember that the nature resources are limited, that ecology affects the younger generation.  It is time to draw the public attention that nature does not forgive mistakes, and each of us, as part of that very nature, must take care of it and take constructive actions to protect and prevent environmental disasters where we live and work.

So, how it all happened on the first day of preparation for the transition along Lake Balkhash.  On February 14, a group of participants left Almaty-2 railway station, which included participants from all regions of the country.  It is worth to note the wide geography of the transition participants: Balkhash - 2, Karaganda-1, Shymkent - 1, Taraz - 1, Kyzylorda - 11, Nur-Sultan - 11, Zhezkazgan -1. We are grateful to all the concerned citizens who supported  and took part in Uly Balqash shakyrady 2020 ice passage. We are responsible for preserving the natural wealth and beauty of the region for future generations.  Without a doubt, the residents of Almaty dominate the list of participants.

On the way to Balkhash, the organizers conducted briefings with team captains, team members, explained safety rules and emergency situations and other important issues.  Memorable photos and conversations among the teams and participants were created by an unforgettable networking before the crucial day of the ice passage on Lake Balkhash itself.  So, ahead is the most memorable and crucial day - February 15 - the day of the ice transition.  What and how everything went on, you can read in the description of the second day.

Go ahead, follow us!

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