International Conference "Central Asia and the world in a period of turbulence: challenges and opportunities"


April 18, 2023

International Conference "Central Asia and the world in a period of turbulence: challenges and opportunities"

Escalation of international conflicts in post-Soviet Eurasia and beyond, crises threatening global stability in the largest economic centers, the diverse consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the looming threat of a worldwide climate catastrophe - all this has the most serious impact on the situation in the Central Asian region. On the one hand, this can create a number of serious challenges for the region, including being drawn into a geopolitical confrontation between global centers of power, the negative consequences of recession and stagnation in the economies of the largest partners, new waves of epidemics and social instability in regions experiencing a shortage of water resources. At the same time, new opportunities are opening up for the region due to the growth of its prospects as an economic center of post-Soviet Eurasia, building alternative logistics between Asia and Europe, as well as a serious change in the supply environment in the global and regional energy markets. To take full advantage of these opportunities, the countries of Central Asia need to take into account not only their own experience, but also the positive and negative experience of other countries and regions. 


Reports devoted both directly to the situation in the Central Asian region, and to those problems of other countries and regions, the experience of solving which is obviously applicable to the situation in Central Asia are accepted for participation in the conference.  


An indicative, but not exhaustive, list of topics to be considered includes: 


- Integration processes; 

- Migration processes; 

- Ethno-social and ethno-political conflicts and prospects for their settlement; 

- Post-colonial phenomena and processes; 

- Problems of regional security; 

- International borders: appearance, resource and problem 

- Social consequences of global climate change; 

- International cooperation in the fight against transnational epidemics. 

- Using best international management experience to solve the problems of the Central Asian region and best management experience in Central Asia in other parts of the world. 



Conference working languages: Kazakh, English and Russian 

Conference format: mixed, online participation is allowed 

Application Deadline: March 15, 2023 

Conference date: April 21, 2023 

Contact information: Rozybakiev st. 227, Almaty, 050060 

E-mail:,  Vera Alexandrovna Smirnova 

Registration form:   

Venue: Almaty Management University


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