Kazakhstan NGOs study business-approaches


November 18, 2015

Kazakhstan NGOs study business-approaches

Today most of the people hope on non-governmental organizations: precisely they are able to attract attention of government, business, international organizations on sharp problems of society and take specific actions for their solution.

Foundation “Eurasia of Central Asia” (FECA), many years involved in the processes of support and development of civil society, approached this problem fundamentally and offered to prepare professional managers in non-commercial sector.

This autumn first in Kazakhstan MBA program “Management in non-commercial sector”, organized by expert center of NGO school of state and social policy of Almaty Management University and FECA with the financial support of “Chevron” company in frames of the project “Initiative on development of NGO experts potential in Kazakhstan”.

The main aim of the program – development of stability and competitiveness of non-governmental sector of Kazakhstan. According to results of education participants of the program will be able to build the work on development of management and project activity of NGOs; provide analytical, advisory, methodical, educational, informational and technical support in any field of NGOs’ activity. They will be able to lead social projects and work on logistics and reports on grants, effectively act in frames of state social order and many other. It will help them to provide more qualitative services to population. 

 “This is unique program, since none of the universities of Kazakhstan prepare specialists on NGOs’ management. Its feature is that during getting knowledge on strategic planning, management, marketing, listeners will learn to apply business-approaches to their activities when solving social problems.  Program offers to depart from traditional dependent on grants methods of NGO works, use business-solutions, move to social entrepreneurship”, - says Bakhytnur Otarbayeva, the head of expert center of NGOs.

At the end of September were held installation classes for the first group of listeners of MBA program “Management in non-commercial sector”. During three days participants of the program – heads and employees of social organizations, young leaders of NGOs, members of initiative groups – were intensively studying leadership, teambuilding, micro-, macroeconomics, organizational behavior, management of non-commercial organizations.

Process of education provides the best composition of professors and teachers of Almaty Management University, and also invited practitioners and experts – specialists in the field of development of civil society. The price of education is 1 350 000 tenge. 50 percent of the sum of ten participants of the program will be covered at the expense of FECA project, realizing at the expense of “Chevron” company.

For 14 listeners of MBA installation classes are only the beginning of the program, they also will be needed to pass through two years of intensive distance education. They have 24 hours access to educational portal where educational materials are placed, videolectures, schedule of classes and exams. Also students can consult with teachers via telephone, email, skype. Distance education is conducted on platforms Moodle and Mirapolis.

At the end of the program listeners will have qualification (academic degree) “Master of business administration” on the specialty “Management in non-commercial sector”. Graduates will receive State Diploma.

 “Three days of installation session for listeners of MBA “Management in non-commercial sector” passed so fast, in whose ranks I was credited. Three days of interesting for me information on five subjects, awesome, active, friendly team of classmates, huge pile of plans on the coming two years and motivation to change yourself”, - says Elena Luzyanina, listener of MBA program.

Link: http://mk-kz.kz/articles/2015/11/18/kazakhstanskie-npo-izuchayut-biznespodkhody.html