Kostanay team took 1st place at the Special Republican Olympiad on bocce


November 12, 2015

Kostanay team took 1st place at the Special Republican Olympiad on bocce

Kostanay region team was represented by sportsmen of Peshkov neuropsychiatric boarding house among which winners of World summer special Olympic games in Greece and Belgium Natalya Kovaleva, Yan Korenchuk, Marina Shelomentseva and Evgeniy Kakorin. The team was headed by trainer Maxim Motovilov.

In team standings Kostanay team took 1st place, in pair “silver”.

- The tournament held on the base of Almaty Management University, it was conducted at a high level, - told “NG” director of region branch “Special Olympics” Nonna RUBAN. – The only problem was – court was made using own strength, overturned benches were in the role of fences. A few amount of involved regions and sportsmen is explained by the absence of set of balls and courts for development of such kind of sport. We together with Almaty guys were one of the first in Kazakhstan who pay their attention on bocce. Earlier we didn’t have special balls and we were filling balloons with water. Now there is a platform in Peshkov boarding in Kostanay, and in correctional school #2 is preparing section for classes. We hope to find sponsors, in order to train and participate in other competitions.

The game in balls – bocce – is the ancestor of bowling, petanque and curling and the number of other games.

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