Long-awaited opening of “MAMILE” conversational club at AlmaU


May 29, 2019

Long-awaited opening of “MAMILE” conversational club at AlmaU

On May 25, 2019, AlmaU will be remember for a long time, since we are happy to inform you about the opening of “Mamile” Conversation Club.

The creator of “Mamile” club is the author of the popular textbook "Situational Kazakh" Kanat Tasibekov. Interactivity is advantage of participation in the club, that is a great opportunity to listen to expert opinion on customs, traditions, historical facts and legends of Kazakh people. The opening was attended by students, teachers of AlmaU and residents of the city.

At the first lesson, the club members discussed a future plan and a format for discussing topics. There are 24 of them. Among them there are topics dedicated to the traditions of Kazakh people (for example, Nauryz Meiramy, wedding, Kyz Uzatu, Shildekhana, Tusaukesser), and social and political issues (for example, integration processes in EAEC, the idea of ​​transferring Kazakh language to Latin, immigration issues). These topics are supposed to be discussed during the year, thereby improving not only the skills of the spoken language, but also the oratory. It should be noted that membership in the club for its members is free.

The participants of the first session of “Mamile” Conversation Club charged with positive energy to study Kazakh language and traditions of Kazakh people. We believe that this event will bring people together in the knowledge of Kazakh language and find each participant a unique identity.

Along with this, the general public knows that the sixth club in the republic has opened at AlmaU site. This platform is unique because everyone, including residents of nearby areas of the city, will be able to visit “Mamile” Conversation club of Kazakh language. AlmaU President Assylbek Bazarbaevich Kozhakhmetov assisted to open “Mamile” club at AlmaU site.

Magzhan Zhumabayev, a famous Kazakh poet and writer stated that: “Language of the people reflects the land, history, life, character of the people as in a mirror. In Kazakh language, everything is viewed - Kazakh vast steppe, history, sometimes unhurried like the silence of a windless night, then stormy like a tornado - nomadic life, calm, patient, restrained character. ” Few people would disagree with such an statement, and just a unique platform at AlmaU for learning Kazakh language and traditions (“Mamile” club), will soon bear fruit. There are many plans and prospects ahead, and in the future, we will share with readers the most vivid results of the discussion club.