Minimum is not enough”: a guest lecture with Almas Myrzatai was held at AlmaU


December 26, 2019

Minimum is not enough”: a guest lecture with Almas Myrzatai was held at AlmaU

On December 26, as part of the Guest Lectures project, AlmaU hosted a meeting of students of School of Engineering Management with a graduate of Emory University and Software developer at Porsche Company (Atlanta, USA) – with Almas Myrzatai.

Almas Myrzatai moved to the USA when he was a schoolboy.  There he studied exact sciences and dreamed of working for a large company.  Having entered the University, he took an active part in student life and earned extra money in his free time.

 “During the 4th year, all students begin to actively seek full-time work, go for interviews.  I applied to many companies, but not one did not invite me to an interview.  But after graduation, I was lucky : the engineering company Porsche noticed me and invited me to work. ”

The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere.  Almas Myrzatai shared his work experience, tips, told how interviews are held in large companies and how a foreigner generally lives in America.

 “The most valuable thing that we have is time.  Do not waste it!  Start with yourself and do everything for yourself!  Learn to be independent.  And always engage in self-development, build yourself!  Try, work, and then you will succeed! ”

These meetings help students get to know the professionals in their field, and to learn all the information they need firsthand.

AlmaU will continue a series of guest lectures, so follow our official social pages and don't miss the next interesting speaker!