Minister Sayasat Nurbek: Huawei digital laboratory will open in AlmaU


November 16, 2022

Minister Sayasat Nurbek: Huawei digital laboratory will open in AlmaU

On November 15, 2022, Minister of Science and Higher Education Sayasat Nurbek visited AlmaU. As soon as his face was scanned throughs Face ID, the green button lit up, inviting him to go inside.



The rector of AlmaU invited the guest to the Jalinga studio of online education.



Jalinga Studio is a digital studio for recording video lectures and making multimedia presentations.

The Minister was offered to congratulate the students of AlmaU on the Students' Day using the studio facilities and record a video.



On the way to Qaynar Bulaq, students noticed the Minister and asked to take a picture.



AlmaU Rectorate also decided to have a photo with the Minister.



A few steps down and the Minister is already on the territory of Qainar Bulaq - the partners hub that opened its doors last year and now constantly holds various events. The university leadership and the Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of AlmaU, the independent director of Polymetal, Janat Berdalina, were waiting for the Minister in the hall.


Rector Gulnar Kurenkeyeva made a presentation about the achievements of the university to date.



AlmaU aims to become a globally recognized comprehensive university. The goal is to host 18,000 students, including 8,000 online students. The Studio Jalinga is the first step towards changing the structure of the university.

After the presentation Rector has engaged everyone in the discussion of the development of the higher education system and science in Kazakhstan.


Here is what the Minister said about this: “The tools that we have in supporting science are concentrated in the field of fundamental science. That is, the creation of knowledge, the transmission of knowledge. There is a serious good competence in creating new knowledge. We publish 7000-7500 articles a year, but our scientific community has critically little competence in design engineering and even less competence in business, marketing, promotion and commercialization.

Sayasat Nurbek also proposed to reduce the duration of studies. Notably, AlmaU has already managed to switch to a three-year studies format.

The great news were received from the Minister: a Huawei digital laboratory will open in AlmaU.

As Janat Berdalina said, AlmaU is an entrepreneurial university aimed at developing a civil society with global ambitions.