Mission is possible: AlmaU social projects


January 30, 2020

Mission is possible: AlmaU social projects

As an entrepreneurial, socially responsible university in our country, AlmaU, year after year, implements new business programs and implements social projects useful for society.  Through regular analysis and monitoring, the university determines the main areas of interaction with international and regional partners.  An important fact is that the Center for Social Entrepreneurship was created and successfully operates on the basis of the university.  The center is a kind of hub for the implementation of social ideas that are put into practice.  For example, a summer school for young entrepreneurs BastauCamp, Workshop "Spider line", educational and methodological trainings on social entrepreneurship for representatives of non-profit organizations and other events.

At the end of last year, AlmaU opened an exhibition of drawings by pupils of specialized boarding schools in the West Kazakhstan region called “The World through the Eyes of Children”.  In this regard, we thank the leadership of the «Ayalagan alakan» Public Foundation in the person of Rada Khayrusheva for cooperation.  This is an unusual exhibition without a time limit and what is most attractive - other interested public organizations can join.

The exhibition is decorated on the third floor of the university and, symbolically, it originates from the office of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship.  Indeed, the inspirer of the exhibition is our colleague and a person with a kind heart, the director of the Center Alzhanova Nurzhan Sharipovna.

Director of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship Nurzhan Alzhanova: “The exhibition of paintings of children - pupils of specialized boarding schools of the West Kazakhstan region is the first inclusive art project of Almaty Management University, which helps to see and understand the world of special children.  The exhibition carries not only a cultural, but also a social mission - to create conditions for the creative fulfillment of children with special needs, as well as to fight stereotypes of society.  Providing platforms for pictures of talented children, we are talking about the seriousness of the attitude of society, our university to the topic of social inclusion. ”

The artist, the volunteer of PF "Ayalagan Alakan" Dauren Gumarov: "It is necessary to notice, that the drawing person in the creativity shows the experiences or that concerns him. Drawing is a state of human soul. For the third year I have been working with pupils of the foundation and I can safely assert that most of my pupils use bright colors. It is an expression of their inner state and a message to our real world. It's something to think about. On the other hand, I take it as a compensation for the fact that special children do not always manage to express their feelings out loud because of illness. And most importantly, there is complete freedom of creativity in my classes.

Why is the exhibition called "The world through the eyes of children"? With their sincerity children convey their feelings of the world as a whole, their environment and society's attitude towards them. In the drawings, if flowers blossom somewhere and smile shine, the others are more romantic and transmitted through the drawing of a swing, perhaps the signs of first love. If you look closely, you can see the dominance of bright colors in the works, which once again emphasizes the iridescent childhood world.

The exhibition continues! The next batch of drawings of children from the West Kazakhstan region has recently arrived. Very soon you will be able to see the beauty of these works. Do not stay aside, your attention and support of special children is your contribution to the future. There are many plans ahead of you. In the next publications we will inform you about the future plans and introduce you to the authors of the works.