January 23, 2020


On December 23, 2019, PROJECT SHOW EXAM was held for the first time at Almaty Management University, in the Atrium, where more than 50 projects were presented, 300 students of 1, 2, 3 year were involved, and an interdisciplinary approach was applied in entrepreneurship and innovation, design of thinking and personal efficiency from design strategist, associate professor Albina Salimbayeva, School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. PROJECT SHOW EXAM was held with the direct participation of the Dean of School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Arad Davar.

In addition to the main examiner, PROJECT SHOW EXAM was attended by leading teachers of School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Arad Davar (Dean), Daniyar Tursynbekuly (teacher, expert), Alena Alferova (teacher, expert). A new and innovative approach to the protection of exam projects was carried out at a high level.

Networking was an additional topic of the exam so that students would have the opportunity to create interdisciplinary projects in the future.  The students, in addition to presenting their projects to experts, directly showed their interest in the projects of their fellow students.

Projects in various formats were presented at PROJECT SHOW EXAM: from Landing pages to prototypes, and also 3D models, sketches and VR technologies were used.

AlmaU School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is always introducing the latest and most advanced teaching methods.  PROJECT SHOW EXAM is one of the prime examples.