Publication in «EurAsian Journal of Leadership»


June 10, 2020

Publication in «EurAsian Journal of Leadership»

Dear Colleagues!



We are pleased to inform you that “EurAsian Journal of Leadership” (EAJoL) of Almaty Management University (AlmaU) is accepting manuscript submissions for publication.


EAJoL is a multidisciplinary periodical that highlights current research issues in the humanities and social sciences. The main priorities of the journal are to provide a scientific platform for the dissemination of new knowledge on key processes and the exchange of scientific information on important research discoveries.


AlmaU aims to help improve the quality of scientific research in Kazakhstan and worldwide through the periodic publication of its own high-level scientific journal.


We are pleased to cooperate and accept your manuscripts by e-mail at according to «Guideline for Authors».


«Guideline for Authors»