December 07, 2015


In Kazakhstan ended second season of National student league. 2015 was eventful for the League – new regions, new participants and new champion. Fully about what it was and what National student league of Kazakhstan became in materials of Marlen Beisebayev.

National student league was founded in Spring of 2014 on the initiative of Ministry of education and science of the RK. First of all, it is necessary to highlight that this project was created with the aim of realization of message of the RK’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the nation of Kazakhstan, in which the Head of state underlined the necessity of education of healthy generation through involvement of population in sports and propaganda of healthy life-style. National student league is first of all development and popularization of football and futsal in Kazakhstan. Football is sport #1 in the world. Futsal in our republic is either popular. Especially, against the background of successes of Kazakhstan in European cups at club level and historical breakthrough of National team of Kazakhstan on futsal which will firstly in history participate in the next year’s European Championship.

One of foreground tasks of National student league is to increase the role of football and futsal in forming of healthy and harmonious personality of Kazakhstan. Student youth in all the times was a driving force in formation of healthy nation and patriotism. It should be remembered that student sport is the nearest reserve for professional teams. In any kind of sport. Not even speaking about the fact that today’s students tomorrow can and will win for Kazakhstan medals on the hugest international stratums: starting from continental championships and world championships and ending with Olympiads.

Debut season of National Student league in 2014 became “Introductory exam” for students who are fond of sports. They all passed it, regardless of the fact what place they took. 14 teams from Almaty and Astana became pioneers of student league. I think, it worth to remind us about them. The capital was represented by: Eurasian National university named at Gumilev (ENU), Nazarbayev University, Academy of Financial police (AFP), Kazakh Agro-technical university named at S. Seiffulin (KazATU), Kazakh Humanitarian-Juridical University (KazHJU), University Turan-Astana and Financial Academy. From Almaty in the first championship participated : Kazakh National University named at al-Farabi (KazNU), Kazakh National Agrarian University (KazNAU), Kazakh National Technical University named at K.I.Satpayev (KazNTU), Kazakh National Pedagogical university named at Abay (KazNPU), ALMA University (AlmaU), Kazakh economic university named at T.Ryskulov (KazEU) and Zhetysu State University named at I.Zhansugurov (ZSU).  

ENU team became first champion of National student league which beat KazNU student in final game. It should be noted that the final part of Championship – 2014 was conducted in the stadium of capital “Astana Arena”, and for many guys the possibility to play in the main stadium of the country is a big honor. On the initiative of organizers of student league, in order to judge final games was invited refereeing headed by the FIFA referee Artem Kuchin, what also gave special status to games of student teams.

- in total our republic possesses about 130 higher education and we want all the universities to support this project and participate in National student league.

We want to have permanent active championship which would pass during the year, in order to give the youth an opportunity to play football and students who don’t play would come and involve themselves in this movement supporting teams of their universities. In general, all this will contribute to development of sport and healthy life-style in our country and also promoting patriotism among youth, - noted in the past season minister of education and science of the RK Aslan Sarinzhipov.

And already in the second year of existence, National student league extended its borders and accordingly increased the number of participants in tremendous sports project of national universities. More than 30 teams from Astana, Almaty, Karaganda, Shymkent and Taldykorgan took part in season-2015, and if speak using the language of exact sciences, this is geometric progression.

Here is the list of participants of the Championship of National student leagues 2015:


Nazarbayev University – Nazarbayev University (NU)

«Kultegin» - Eurasian National University named at L.N.Gumilev (ENU)

«Agrotech-57» - Kazakh agro-technical university named at S.Seifullin (KazATU)

«KazGUU Eagles» - Kazakh humanitarian-juridical university (KazHJU)

«Turan-Astana» - University Turan Astana

«Karzhyger» - Financial academy.



«Arlan» - Kazakh National University named at al-Farabi (KazNU)

«Altyn Dan» - Kazakh National agrarian university (KazNAU)

«Techno» - Eurasian technological university (ETU)

«Neu Pride» - New Economic University named at T.Ryskulov (NEU)

SDU – University named at Suleiman Demirel

 «Polytech» - Kazakh National technical university named at K.Satpayev (KazNTU)

«Caspian University» - Caspian Social University

ALMAU – Almaty Management University

«Ustaz» - Kazakh National pedagogical university named at Abay (KazNPU)

«IT Legion» - International university of informational technologies (IUIT)

«Zhetysu Barysy» - Zhetysu state university named at I.Zhansugurov (ZSU).



«Kazpotrebsoyuz» - Karaganda Economic University (KEU)

 «Bolashak» - Karaganda University “Bolashak”

KSTU – Karaganda State Technical University

KazSU – Karaganda State University named at E.A.Buketov


«Dostyk» - Kazakhstan engineering-pedagogical university of nations’ friendship (KEPUNF)

«Sunkar» - South Kazakhstan state university named at M.Auezov (SKSU)

«Yassaui» - International Kazakh-Turkish university named at Khodzha Akhmed Yassaui (IKTU)

«Burkit» - Shymkent University (SU)

«Zhiger» - Regional socio-innovational university (RSIU)

«MarS» - South Kazakhstan humanitarian institute named at M.Saparbayev (SKHI)

«Kyran» - South Kazakhstan state pharmaceutical academy (SKSPA)

«Miras» - «Miras» University (MU)

«Arlan» - International humanitarian-technical university (IHTU)

«Ustaz» - South Kazakhstan state pedagogical institute (SKSPI)

In frames of preliminary stage, in Spring, teams took part in regional qualifying tournament in four cities, and in Autumn 16 best teams reached final part of Championship-2015. At this stage, they were divided on 4 groups, 4 teams in each of them. Playing a round system, participants identified two teams from each group, which should fight for medals in play-off round. Here is important to mention that the League was replenished by very strong debutants from Shymkent, Karaganda and Almaty, which in spite of the authority of more experienced teams, claimed on the highest places. The fact that “Eurasians” (champions of 2014) were beaten already in group stage having no chances to participate in play-off is an indicator of the words above. Thus, from the last year prize winners only vice-champion “Arlan” (KazNU named at Al-Farabi) was continuing the fight for medals, but also unsuccessfully. The team of the main university of the country in the game for the third place was beaten by the beginner team – Caspian University – 3:4, and bronze medals were worn by “Caspians”. The main opening of the season became Shymkent “Dostyk” which represents Kazakhstan University of nations’ friendship. In the final game South Kazakhstan team confidently beat another debutant of the league “Kazpotrebsoyuz” (KEU, Karaganda) – 5:1.  

Right after the award of winners and prizewinners of Champioship-2015 minister of education and science Aslan Sarinzhipov gave short commentary on passed games.

- Aslan Bakenovich, how do you assess students’ playing level this season?

- All the matches were tight. Students have raised their play level. I think, this is not a limit. Already the next year we will have more universities participants, more teams, fans. This is going to be a big national sports student movement. This year, besides football, we started basketball either, in the future we are going to launch volleyball competitions. Futsal, as you know, has big popularity among youth in our country.

- What is going to be with the National student league in the future?

- In the future it is going to develop and extend its geography. The number of universities will increase. We see that National student league is popular among students, it is widely discussed, it has many fans.

- What regions have already shown their interest?

- Yes, Eastern Kazakhstan wants to play, West, Atyrau also wants to join the league, North – Pavlodar are also interested. We will be working on extension of the League and in the future all the regions will be playing in the National Student League, - assured minister.

One of the variants of organization of further championships is to conduct zonal tournaments by regions (North, South, West, East), after that winners of these tournaments will face each other in peculiar “Final of Four”. This opportunity is pending and likely will be approved.

Last year, winners of the tournament became possessors of trip to the final game of League of Champions UEFA, vice-champions visited the final game of League of Europe, bronze prizewinners visited UEFA Supercup. Current winners and prizewinners also became possessors of valuable prizes, prepared by organizers of Championship, but the main award for participants of season-2015 will be an opportunity to take part in Asia Championship and in the World Cup in Brazil.

According to the outcome of the finished season, will be formed Student National Team of Kazakhstan, which will be presenting our country in the international arena. Already in April of 2016 Almaty will take part in Asian Futsal Championship among students and in summer Student national team of Kazakhstan will perform at the World Championship in Brazil. “We will raise the flag, defend globally. I think we have chances. Our youth already showed its spirit, character and will that in the future it will bring our country to victories”, - says minister Sarinzhipov.  

Besides, in 2015 National Student league concluded Memorandum about partnership with Association of Futsal of Kazakhstan (AFK). In frames of agreement, both sides will be working on following directions: organization of joint projects directed to development of student futsal, organization of joint seminars and conferences on questions of futsal development, implementation of joint marketing activities in the sphere of futsal development and other directions. As president of AFK Lev Kim notes, - This step will positively influence on popularization and development of futsal in our republic. Students are our potential future stars of Kazakhstan futsal, both amateur and republican levels. Student league makes big business nationwide and we will be good partners in this business, - underlined head of Kazakhstan futsal.

2015 and the second season of National student league clearly showed us that this project has good perspectives in terms of extension and coverage of student youth of Kazakhstan, and also its further development both at the republican level and international. Special credit for the progress that demonstrates National Student league belongs to the Head of the State Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. President through his initiatives and direct orders gives a powerful impetus to development of both amateur and professional sports in the country, which is today going to the new qualitative level. The number of Kazakhstani people who are involved in sports activities, actively leading healthy life-style is increasing. According to results of that positive work which was done by the National student league among Kazakhstani youth, we can surely say that National student league will make maximum efforts in order to make this indicator continuingly growing one in our republic. 

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