The “Ulytau” educational and learning practice


May 31, 2019

The “Ulytau” educational and learning practice

As it is known, at AlmaU, from May 27 to June 1, organized the “Ulytau” educational and learning practice for 1st  year students.

May 31, the theme is the tradition of Kazakh people, cases from everyday life. A group of foreign students prepared presentations. The following topics were analyzed as case study, filmed the video and presented to the audience: “Kieli San”, the national concept of sacred numbers, “Valentine's Day - Goats-Korpesh and Bayan - Sulu” - is it necessary to celebrate this holiday? "Value of the runic characters". The first-year student, who came from Uzbekistan, Azamat Bakhtiyorov shared his opinion that Valentine's Day is not celebrated in his country, and, also noted that this poem resembles “Farhot-Shyryn” from Uzbek epic. Khalimov Bilal, said that Lovers’ Day in Kyrgyzstan is celebrated only within the school and university. Melyaev Kerim made a presentation on the theme: "Valentine's Day. Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan - Is it a holiday of Kazakh nationality?" Drawing conclusion on the presentations, the students expressed their gratitude on behalf of the 1st year - to AlmaU teachers who took part in the event. We are also grateful to the students - Baygazieva Dayana (Kyrgyzstan), Maul Daniel (Russian Federation), Xue Sanne (China) for their active participation in group work.

The next presentation of “Kieli san”, the national concept of holy numbers was very interesting. A student from Uzbekistan Bektursunova Nargiza told about the history of the sacred figures - 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 12, 40 and shared her impressions of the trip to “Issyk” State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum. Also Bekkoenov Ilgiz (Kyrgyzstan), Lee Anastasia (China) elaborated on the values ​​of sacred numbers. Zemtsova Natalia and Kodirova Shahnoza described the video. The memorable moment of this presentation was Karamoldaev Amanthur’s speech: “Studying Kazakh language at the 1st year and during “Ulytau”  educational and learning practice caused me great interest in learning Kazakh language. The students shared their impressions of a recent trip to - "Issyk" State Historical - Cultural Reserve Museum, which helped to understand better the heritage of Kazakh people and gain language knowledge. In my opinion, the state language of each country is developing thanks to the support and efforts of its people. While studying at AlmaU, we are obliged to study and use the Kazakh language.”

In the first two presentations, foreign students in group work showed their knowledge. "Can "Kozy-Korpesh - Bayan Sulu" domestic TV series be interesting for young viewers?" topic, students of the Russian department - Arman Akbota, Kiyambekova Alina, Osipova Anna, Nurtazin Dastan, Alshpistan Temirlan, Tazhenov Kuanysh, Aygaydarov Rustam, Mendali Arman, Zhusupova Karina presented their presentations. The results of the online survey, which was done by 28 students of this group were interesting. In particular, to the question “What values ​​influenced the content of the series?” The participants unanimously (100%) answered “Love.” As an extract from the poem, the students showed a video performed the dialogue of Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu.

On the same day, viewers watched a presentation, which took place in a lively discussion on “Values of Runic Signs” case, organized by students who speak Kazakh language. Each participant openly expressed his opinion about the symbol of his homeland, as well as how to use signs properly. In this sense, the words of the famous Kazakh enlightener, public figure, poet-writer Mirzhakyp Dulatov:"It is necessary not only to teach knowledge, but also to combine with good education." Therefore, we wish success in the work of Language Center staff, who organized "Ulytau" educational and learnig practice and cases of educational importance.