Almaty residents will be able to visit for free seven gyms within a week.


March 09, 2016 Almaty residents will be able to visit for free seven gyms within a week.

In Almaty was created the VitAlem coalition which activities, according to organizers, will promote health improvement of Kazakhstan citizens. Social activists to such step were roused by results of large-scale research, which showed that residents of Kazakhstan overeat and do not make sport activities.

According to the president of "Academy of Preventive Medicine" Almaz Sharman, recipes of health and longevity are well known. It is necessary to lead active lifestyle, to play sports, to eat healthy food, to avoid addictions.

"Our task – to create a favorable environment so that citizens correctly understood and realized the principles of a healthy lifestyle. We called the VitAlem coalition that word-for-word means the world of health and the active longevity. We will be engaged in public nutrition, promote physical culture and sport. Our organization sets noble purposes", - explained Almaz Sharman.

The first action of the coalition received the name "Healthy Nauryz — Week of Free Sport". From March 21 to March 27 in Almaty everyone will be able to visit seven gyms for free: Sport & Art Zone Almaty Management University, sport-complex of Kazakh National University of Al-Farabi, network of gyms of the functional trainings Golden Eagle CrossFit, center of harmonic development Relooking_3D, Chernykh Dance Club, Kochevnik fitness club, Elephant fitness club.

In addition, the coalition VitAlem created on the base of Kazakh Academy of Nutrition the resource center. There will be seminars and interactive workshops on nutrition, and group training sessions.