You can get anywhere if you know how to use your tongue


February 08, 2016

You can get anywhere if you know how to use your tongue

On February 5, the representative of the Center of development of the Polish education abroad, the teacher of Polish language and history Henrik Pzhevzhey visited Almaty Management University. The guest met with freshmen students and gave lecture on the subject "Language — is a window into the world space".

Giving examples from his own life, Mr. Pzhevzhey told how the knowledge of foreign languages can open the road to career development, help to understand culture, history of the country of the learned language, and to broaden horizons.

"It seems to me, that the knowledge of several languages is a big advantage to the person. Language opens a way to souls of people of different nations. Language transmits not only words and names, but also thoughts, feelings, and unique features of the nation"- said guest.

Students showed a great interest to a subject of the meeting and asked many questions about learning of foreign languages.