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Asian Management Briefs


“Asian Management Briefs” is a monthly on-line magazine (ISSN 2424-8614), which raises and discusses practical issues facing Asian based businesses, governments and society. The journal consists of 6 articles each month. The articles address a local (Asian) problem or phenomenon and how business, government or society is addressing these concerns. Articles explain the roots of the problem and offer prescriptive advice to the readers as to how different theories, policies or principles are being used to solve the problem.


Asian Management Briefs is published by a consortium of 6 universities of Asia and the Pacific:

  1. Almaty Management University (Kazakhstan);
  2. Asian Institute of Management (Philippines);
  3. Singapore Management University (Singapore);
  4. University Sains Malaisia (Malaysia);
  5. Thammasat University (Thailand);
  6. Viet Nam National University Ho Shi Minh City.


Our articles in the journal:

  1. Innovation and the triple helix - Assylbek Kozhakhmetov http://cmp.smu.edu.sg/amb/article/20160913/innovation-and-triple-helix

  2. Skilling up the family business in Kazakhstan - Ruslan Kozhakhmetov http://cmp.smu.edu.sg/amb/article/20160712/skilling-family-business-kazakhstan 

  3. Creating a smart environment in Kazakhstan - Nurbek P. Saparkhoajeyv http://cmp.smu.edu.sg/amb/article/20160510/creating-smart-environment-kazakhstan

  4. Feel the pain  - O. Baiserkeyev http://cmp.smu.edu.sg/amb/article/20160314/feel-pain

  5. Developing the businesses in Kazakhstan - К. Ryatov http://cmp.smu.edu.sg/amb/article/20160112/developing-businesses-kazakhstan

  6. Management of biosphere-oriented urban areas: new approaches - R. Yaschenko http://cmp.smu.edu.sg/amb/article/20150804/management-biosphere-oriented-urban-areas-new-approaches