Qaynar Bulaq Partners Hub

Qaynar Bulaq is an open public urban space for community development and collaboration, it helps the university to organise training or programmes to improve access to basic services for all.

Official Instagram page of the hub: @qaynarbulaq_almaty

Official opening of Qaynar Bulaq Almaty was on 06/15/2021

Core interest directions are:

  • Education
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Tourism and HoReCa
  • Urban studies
  • Big data 


  • 1,000+ experts from 6 countries
  • 20+ events monthly
  • Knowledge base
  • Online/Offline
  • Social coworking
  • Urban, country and international projects
  • Networking

Target audience:

  • Local community, citizens
  • State bodies
  • Students
  • Professional communities
  • NGOs


Program director Yana Isakova

Administrator Nargiz Bekenova

University for the city concept is run in the format of a coworking and creative space for civic society and city community, as well as research and project-based activity. Qaynar Bulaq Partners Hub is a creative space for the city & society covering 335 sq.m. at AlmaU Knowledge building. Qaynar Bulaq unites over 1000+ experts offering 20+ events per month - educators, researches, business, students, entrepreneurs, civil activists and members of public organizations and NGOs, representatives of state bodies, etc. the idea of ​​creating an independent dialogue platform between representatives of government, business and society, which will result in new forms of cooperation and joint projects to solve the city’s urgent problems and implement successful socio-economic, technological and educational solutions.


Our projects

Festival of city society 
Open master-classes series for Almaty citizens and guests within Festival of city society at AlmaU Qaynar Bulaq Partners Hub. AlmaU Qaynar Bulaq hosted open interactive master class series for Almaty citizens and guests within Festival of city society dedicated to professional development, reskilling, upskilling and newskilling for all in different aspects of live and activity:
- social media, 
- Chinese tea ceremony, 
- arts and design, 
- health and wellbeing, 
- book writing skills, 
- financial literacy
- Emotional Intelligence for children and parents 
- robotics and digital technologies
- and etc.
More about the festival:
Event program
Career guidance session
QAYNAR BULAQ Partners Hub | Part 1 | Urban Communities Festival Vlog
Master class on drawing on fabric and customizing clothes
Financial literacy and professional skills development trainings
Qaynar Bulaq weekly hosts workshops and master classes on Financial literacy and professional skills development series in Finance. Main topics discussed in October 2022 were:
- Accounting for entrepreneurs
- Financial reporting and budgeting
- Taxation 
- Financial Stability
More about the training:
Open lecture by Zhamilya Nurpeis - entrepreneur, professional accountant, tax consultant, member of the Chamber of Consultants of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Open lecture by Elena Yalymova - entrepreneur, expert in the field of taxation and business automation (1C)
Weekly series of masterclasses for Business development
AlmaU Qaynar Bulaq weekly hosts workshops and master classes for entrepreneurs, and representatives of businesses and industry aimed at development skill set and networking. Main topics are:
- Marketing and promotion
- E-commerce
- Time-management
- Automatization
- Entrepreneurship
- Strategic Mindset
- Communications
- HR
Weekly series of masterclasses on Personal development
AlmaU Qaynar Bulaq weekly hosts public workshops and master classes on Personal Development. Main topics are:
- Motivation
- Financial Literacy
- Time-management
- Live Design
- Reading
- Writing
- Voice Tranings
- Hobbies 
- Social Media
- Parenthood
Monthly series of masterclasses for school children
AlmaU Qaynar Bulaq weekly hosts public workshops and master classes on Personal Development. Main topics are:
- IT and Digital Technologies
- Financial Literacy
- Сareer guidance
- Live Design
- Reading
- Writing
- Hobbies 
- Social Media
- Etc.
COMICs LAB by Quvntum Art
Special master classes about comics were held in October in partnership with Quvntum Art at AlmaU Qaynar Bulaq: how to read them, how to make them, and also shows how to draw your first small comic. What is a comic? What does symbolism mean in comics? The Training course was run for everyone who dreamed creating their own comics i) telling ideas for a comic, where to start and, most importantly, how to finish what you started; ii) learning basics of storytelling, composition, coloring, and dialogue. Professional skillset development via the training course included exploring all styles from monochrome minimalism to color volumetric graphics. Quvntum Art is a creative and educational space for children and adults. Art master classes are held here, creative courses - Acting, Oratory, Artistic Photography, Mobilography, as well as painting and drawing lessons. And many other activities that contribute to the development of creative abilities and instill a love of manual labor and art.
Web 3.0 Conference/Tech Talks