Research and Consulting services of AlmaU


AlmaU is pleased to offer you our consulting services!


Main directions of business consulting:

  • Strategic planning (in any industry); entering new markets (with engaging an international experts);
  • Market researches (quantitative and qualitative); Neuro-marketing researches (for visual perception);
  • Business plan designing; consulting on effective management (business process audit, implementation of adaptive management business process improvement);
  • Implementation of knowledge management system.

State consulting services:

  • Developing regional foresights and regional development strategies;
  • Process monitoring of socioeconomic development of regions (statistical information and data, creating of situational centers);
  • Consulting on the development of entrepreneurship`s ideology and culture in regions;
  • Knowledge management in universities and companies;
  • Tourism researches and its promotion.



  • Qualification of research group: master`s degree/ MBA /PhD /DBA from leading world universities, foreign experts, experience in international and national research organizations;
  • Pool of experts, who have an experience in executing wild scale applied researches and fundamental scientific projects, working with big data analysis;
  • International cooperation of AlmaU: extensive network of international partners which consists of 105 universities in 33 countries. Moreover, AlmaU is a member of 26 different international and state organizations;
  • Developed infrastructure for research conducting: Neuromarketing and Cybersecurity laboratories, Design Lab, Kaizen laboratory and so on. Full-equipped lecture halls and classes (Atrium, Creative Zone, learning classes)


*Only for state and business-structures


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