Research and Development (R&D) Department



The R&D department is the key service department for all research related activities in Almaty Management University (AlmaU).

The department function is to support research, conference, grant and publication activities for all staff at AlmaU.

In addition, the accreditation department is a sub-department of the R&D department and supports all application regarding national and international accreditation and ranking.

  • Provide training for developing research professionalism
  • Provide information on ongoing and planned research activities in AlmaU
  • Advice researcher and becoming researcher on research topics and procedurals
  • Provide information on research grants (national and international)
  • Provide information on journal selection
  • Provide information on proofreading services


  • Provide information on research grants (national and international)
  • Provide guidance throughout the application process
  • Provide support to send the applications out
  • Monitor the grant / research process (after receiving the grant)
  • Monitor the financial flow for the grant / research process (after receiving the grant)
  • Collect the 6 month reports
  • Communicate with the grant providers


  • Provide information for journal / publication selection
  • Provide information on proofreading services
  • Manage the publication database (AlmaU database)
  • Give training on publication procedurals
  • Manage all internal AlmaU academic journals


  • Provide information on conferences
  • Provide information on conference quality insurance
  • Provide training on writing conference papers
  • Provide training on conference presentation skills
  • Manage the conference database (AlmaU database)
  • Hold after conference presentation sessions
  • Support schools for the decision making process of selecting good conference papers in their school to present these papers at conferences


  • Offer all staff to publish their articles in AlmaU journals
  • Offer twice a year a new edition of each journal


  • Offer support for all accreditation
  • Manage and supervise accreditation application processes
  • Collect and manage all data and information, which are connected with accreditation
  • Advice schools on the documents writing process
  • Advice schools on the development of accreditation documents and documents standards
  • Communicate with the accreditation bodies


Research and Development Department



Daniyar Sapargaliyev

Director of Research and Development Department, Ph.D.

Tel.: +7 (727) 313-30-49 (ex. 411)



Aziza Sauirbayeva

Chief Specialist of Research and Development Department

Tel.: +7 (727) 313-28-76 (ex. 590)


Saya Dulatkhan

Chief Specialist on Accreditation and Ranking

Tel.: +7 (727) 313-28-47 (ex.566)