AlmaU mission

We shape a new generation of leaders with entrepreneurial mindset and make an impact for development of knowledge economy in dynamic societies


AlmaU vision 2025

Almaty Management University is an entrepreneurial, socially responsible world-class university  


Our values


1 Partnership for the benefit of society

Implementation of the "Win-Win-Win" principle according to which any mutually beneficial cooperation between the two parties (Win-Win) should be beneficial, and the effect of synergy and the third party - the society (Win).



The proactive worldview "I am the Leader" of every student, employee, teacher and partner of AlmaU allows us to be agents of change, demonstrate entrepreneurial thinking and culture, manage ourselves, our emotions, our development, show our own individuality, have dignity and honor, respect ourselves and others            


3 Freedom

University promotes the philosophy of freedom of the spirit, thoughts and words, the value of the balance of work and life. We hold high the foundations of academic, research and entrepreneurial freedom.


4 Responsibility

Almaty Management University is responsible for its results to partners, customers, colleagues and society as a whole, anticipating the needs of the society, working ahead of schedule


5 Team spirit and sinergy

The success of the university depends on the team of people, its composition, professionalism, efficiency, solidarity, focus on results and synergy.


Strategic aims of Almaty Management Unversity 2025

​Join the list of:

  • top-200 world business universities  ; 5 palms  
  • the top-3 of the best business universities of  the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)
  • top-100 entrepreneurial universities of the world
  • institutions of higher education accredited by "Triple Crown” 



To become a benchmark for Kazakhstan and dynamically developing communities

  • entrepreneurial education
  • knowledge management systems in universities
  • socially responsible university


Strategic directions of AlmaU 


To achieve the vision of AlmaU 2025, the implementation of strategic objectives and strengthening the contribution of AlmaU to the development of society (Meaningful & Impactful University) identified 4 strategic areas:


Strategic direction 1. Generation and knowledge management

  1. Academic superiority
  2. Research
  3. Knowledge management

Result: a new generation of change leaders open to new challenges, with social responsibility, creativity and strategic thinking.


Strategic direction 2. Enterprise Ecosystem

  1. Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  2. Smart infrastructure
  3. AlmaU Knowledge Park

Result: development of business culture, entrepreneurial education in Kazakhstan: promotion of academic programs on entrepreneurship, creation of an effective business ecosystem in the country's economy.


Strategic direction 3. AlmaU's contribution to the development of business, government, society and education

Results: development of regions, cities, rural areas, industries and intellectual capital of the country through:

  1. learning the competencies of the future
  2. the development of applied research (Urban Studies, regional development strategies, Smart cities and the region)
  3. implementation of consulting
  4. dialogue platforms between businesses, the state, formation by a society.


Strategic direction 4. People, Culture and Leadership

Result: the development of the university’s Team, the creators of creativity and synergy culture, the class of creators with entrepreneurial thinking and high social responsibility, initiating and implementing changes.