Terms of admission


Entry Requirements

Documents acceptance from June 20 to July 30
Two entrance examinations:
1. Foreign language
2. Specialty exam
Contract - Payment - Enrollment - Starting School!

Package of documents

1. The statement addressed to the rector of Alma University in the prescribed form;
2. A copy of the document on higher education (certified copies of diplomas and applications);
3. A copy of the identity card;
4. Medical certificate of a form 086-U (fluorography picture);
5. Six photos of 3x4 size;
6. The personal leaf on registration of personnel or a document confirming labor activities (for those with work experience);
7. A copy of the certificate of the test of language programs: TOEFL ITP, IELTS, DALF, etc. (if available);
8. The list of scientific and methodological papers (if any).
9. Registration fee: 10000 tg

* Note: Together with the copies of these documents to the Admissions Office provided the originals for verification. After the verification of original documents, they are returned to the owner.
Admission to the Master's Program of Alma University on a competitive basis based on the results of two entrance exams:
• One of the foreign languages: English, French, German; Foreign nationals arriving in magistracy take entrance examinations: the Kazakh and Russian languages (language learning);
On specialty



During the admission process student must have all the prerequisites needed for the development of appropriate professional training program of the Judiciary. The list of necessary prerequisites determined by the higher education institution independently

In the absence of the necessary prerequisites the undergraduate is allowed to learn them on a fee basis. In this case the study on a Master’s degree begins after the full development of undergraduates prerequisites.

Academic Council of NEO "Almaty Management University" on March 26, 2014 (Minutes №7) approved prerequisites:

- For specialties 6M050600-Economics, 6M050700-management, 6M050900 - Finance, 6M051100 - Marketing, 6M051800 - Project Management:
1) Business Economics - 1 credit
2) Microeconomics - 1 credit
3) Macroeconomics - 1 credit

- For the specialty 6M090900 - Logistics:
1) Fundamentals of logistics - 1 credit
2) The general course of transport - 1 credit
3) the goods movement in the Logistics - 1 credit

- For the specialty 6M051000 - State and Local Government:
1) The theory of governance
2) State regulation of economy
3) The state and business
4) Socio-economic planning
5) Municipal management
6) Regional Economics and Management