Dear friends!

Almaty Management University offers you a program of innovative project on the study of the Kazakh language "Cultural and linguistic camp" Ulytau "  

Мы приглашаем к участию всех желающих освоить казахский язык и ближе познакомиться с культурой, обычаями и традициями казахов.

1 Language training

Four-days intensive training in the Kazakh language (қarapayym, bastauysh, ortasha, zhalғastyrushy), acquaintance with the culture of the Kazakh people: 40 lessons in groups of 10 people. 


2 Learning traditions

Specially designed textbooks and workbooks in which the language material  supported by the study of traditions, rituals, cultural heritage Kazakh people.


3 Dive into the environment

Total immersion in the language and cultural environment: living in conditions close to the home of the Kazakh aul (a kind of village). Summer camp of yurtas located in the foothills of Trans-Ili Alatau Almaty region


4 Excursions 

Visiting the unique monuments of architecture of XIII - XIX centuries. and holy sites, excavation of ancient burial mounds, protected areas.

5 "Ulytau" involves:

  Participation in the workshops of folk artisans, musicians, dancers;

  Riding skills, the installation of yurtas, acquaintance with the customs of hospitality;

  Game performances of traditional ceremonies, national games;

  The songs, proverbs, sayings & Reading;

  View of Kazakh feature films;

  Kazakh national cuisine.