People with disabilities will receive 100% grant in AlmaU!!!

Almaty Management University (Alma University), formerly International Academy of Business, Kazakhstan initiated a new social educational project “Unlimited possibilities”. Now people with disabilities will be able to get 100% social grant for studying in Kazakhstan MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) programme in Almaty Management University.



Alma University, as a socially responsible organization, contributing the strengthening of positive relations in society, takes on grant funding.

100% grants are available on competitive basis. The grant provides assistance to individuals with physical and sensory disabilities so they can start own business or pursue to continue business goals to increase their career options and enrich their lives through education and training.

“We encourage people with disabilities to overcome prevailing social inequalities in society by acquiring new knowledge, developing their business ideas and entrepreneurial potential. New strategy of Alma University aims to create an entrepreneurial university. We hope that our project will help to the improvement of social and business climate in Kazakhstan”- said Gulnara Kurenkeeva, Dean of Graduate School of Business of AlmaU.

Important criteria for the grant is to have some success in business and career and realistic business goals of candidate. In addition, eligible applicants will write an essay, an interview and pass a test on management.

Applications deadline April 30,2015.

For more information: tel. 302-22-11,302-21-61 or call to university press-service.